Website – A collection of informational pages on the Internet that typically include an article title, author and publisher. If you’re still not able to locate the publish date, run a Google search for the first sentence of the article – we’ve found it more effective to go with a portion of the article text because headlines related to a specific story can be fairly similar. You’ll find that the source article comes up as the first result, but Google does not list a publish date. We only use your contact details to reply to your request for more information.We do not sell the personal contact data you submit to anyone else. With 82% of local businesses reporting that they currently host a website, it’s clear that business owners know the importance of having an online presence. However, what many business owners don’t realize is that just having a website is not enough – you have to have a good one.
According the NSBA’s 2013 Small Business Technology Survey, only 30% of SMB owners hire an outside company to create and maintain their website. A poorly made site could turn off customers who see an unprofessional website as an indicator of an unreliable business. However, despite this trend, 91 percent of small business websites are still not mobile-optimized. This means that a majority of small businesses are losing out on potential customers who become frustrated with trying to navigate a site that won’t load quickly or clearly on their phones.

Not only does out-of-date information look bad to a consumer, it also prevents your site from staying relevant in Google searches. To avoid overwhelming potential customers with a cluttered website, you need to determine what content is most crucial for visitors to see and cut out the rest. Several years ago, New Oriental was mired in controversy, when Muddy Waters, a short-selling-focused research firm, released several scathing reports on the company.Since that time, not much has changed. Though new business owners are often looking for ways to save money, cutting corners on your website by hiring a “graphic designer” friend or attempting to create a site on their own can actually cause you to lose business in the long run. Calls-to-action (CTAs) turn website visitors into customers by making the conversion process simple and accessible.
It’s a situation that’s unfortunately more common than it should be with 64 percent of business owners reporting that the biggest website challenge they face is the time it takes to update their site. A website that is constantly producing fresh content is more likely to rank higher in organic search than one that hasn’t been updated in months.
Also, periodically check to make sure that all the links on your site are still working and not leading to dead pages. If your website has lines and lines of text, or contains too many pictures, it makes it difficult for visitors to find the relevant information they’re looking for. Sure, it may not work for EVERY business owner, but for the right ones, it’s a gold mine.

This is especially detrimental for visitors who are on-the-go and don’t want to wait for tons of content to load on their mobile device. If your website is not appearing on the first page of Google when people are searching for your service or product, you have lost thousands of customers. We also had Google Translate active when we visited each site.For reference, the screenshot below shows the POP Kids website for one of the main cities, Shanghai. Summer and Fall classes for 2014 are advertised on the main page.(Changchun POP Kids Website)ChangchunThe first individual city website we looked at was Changchun. The course listings are the same.The main page and featured course listings for the Changchun POP Kids website have not been updated for over four years!ShenyangThe website for Shenyang shows the same issue, out-of-date course listings. Third, we are in the midst of rolling out a major refresh of our POP Kids programs targeting kids ages 6 to 12, and as we transition from the old courses to new courses, we have seen a noticeable dip in enrollments. The author has no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

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