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Just seven minutes after addressing her haters, Kardashian tweeted her supporters: 'How sweet are you guys! Branching out: Kardashian will soon begin filming her 'hybrid' adult-themed talk show Kocktails with Khloe, which airs eight episodes later this year on the FYI channel'I wear push-up bras anyway.
Here are the top 20  ads which had the most number of shares – not views – on social media platforms, which in turn measures the chatter around the ad, calling it the virality of the clip.No 9 and 15 have something mildly to do with Medicine. Every year, when a new tech product is announced, the world divides into two kinds of people: people who line up to buy the New Shiny Thing, and people who rant about how New Shiny Thing sucks. While watching (and hilariously snarking at) the most recent Apple keynote, I got off on a tangent with Shannon Morse, host and producer of Hak5 and TekThing. When you trust any one company to meet all of your needs, you shut off the ability to make smart decisions about what you use, when you use it, and why.
Regardless of the tool you have, it is always prudent to take a fresh look at a familiar tool every once in a while and see what you've been missing.
Some of these hidden gems are small, some big, some you might know and have ignored, and some never crossed your radar. Even your best over-estimation of Google Analytics' scale will under-estimate it by 100x, minimum. So, if you were expecting hidden gems in a similar spirit, I'm afraid dissatisfaction will follow. I am first in line when it comes to being a bit too obsessed about understanding user behavior and intent, in believing that that is a superior method when compared to the silly obsession TV, Radio, Print marketers have with demographics (age, gender, income, et. This data is a nice complement to the behavior data on your site (what pages people are viewing, what internal site searches are they doing, what products they abandon in carts, etc).
In-Market segments identify the product-purchase interests of your visitors (as in, what are your visitors currently actively researching and purchasing).
All the standard Acquisition, Behavior and Outcome metrics you are used to can be leveraged to identify valuable segments. It is important to know that this report and associated features have to be turned on in your Google Analytics account. Use this hidden gem and strive to get a better understanding of the people behind your anonymous cookies.
Next time you need that insight, you'll get it faster and GA will automatically apply it to the latest time period. A simple example is the ability to track if people are your logged into your site as they visit, or not-logged.
Custom dimensions requires a small amount of technical work, and often requires you to get help from a GACP.
If you are a content site, this means the ability to slice and dice your data by author names, content type, subscribers and free-loaders, commentators and non-commentators, and so much more to bring a new layer of insights.
If you are an ecommerce site, amongst many other things you can track customers who purchase multiple times, all kinds of product detail related to cart and checkout pages, your internal cross-selling and up-selling campaigns (small plug for event tracking on this one as well), multiple orders by the same customer, and like a million other things.
You can see that around forty percent of the conversions happen on the very first visit (wowza!), the second forty percent take up to five visits, and then there is a long tail.
The power, of shifting your marketing strategy to pulse at the beat of customer expectations. If you have been reading my blog for any duration, or been to one of my keynotes, then this is not so much a hidden gem, rather it is Avinash keeps talking about this all the time gem. That column shows how you have to change your paid or organic ad content, ad targeting and landing page experience (remember the Have, Save, Buy recommendation from earlier) to take advantage of the channel's strengths.
Clicking on any one of the channels above, will lead you to a lovely drilldown report that shows detailed performance for that channel…. For Social Media Marketing, my favourite drilldown report is not in the Multi-Channels Funnels folder, where you find the above reports, rather it is hidden quite cleverly by the team at Google. When you log into GA every day, you have a sense for things you were anticipating, you go look for them, you are not surprised, perhaps you feel validated. Custom alerts is an immensely useful weapon in your ability to react quickly to things that you expect to happen, but don't know when. Your journey begins in the Admin section, in the View column, scroll down to Custom Alerts and click on New Alert.
This opens an entire world of wonderful solutions you can simply download into your Google Analytics account! As soon as you are done with that, scroll through the most popular, and download the ones that are the most relevant. The cool thing about the Solutions Gallery is that you can just go search for stuff whenever you are stuck.
One of the ones you'll find is my Market Motive Mindblowing Attribution Model, uploaded in the Solutions Gallery by my dear friends at Loves Data, with one click. The Solutions Gallery is a great hidden gem, take advantage of your generous peers, and reduce time to market.
In your Google Webmaster Tools account the team has increased the number and duration of queries you have access to. What is a hidden gem is the fact that you can also get all this data inside Google Analytics!
While we get access to this query data (along with Landing Pages and Geo data from Webmaster Tools in GA), this is pretty much the end of the road.
Not everyone in your company has access to GWT and hence it is pretty smart to just get it into GA using this hidden gem. The Google Analytics API is perhaps the most scalable and lovely way to suck everything out of your GA account. There are tools that automate site audits so that you can make sure you are collecting data accurately (try Check My Analytics). My last recommendation is perhaps a hidden gem because it is so new that most of you might not have heard of it.

In the above example you can see total sessions (visits) where no shopping activity happened. You can imagine the investigations this can easily set off for the user experience on your site, the content being created, the shopping process, and so much more. Each collection of users behave differently, and this allows you to make changes to the end-to-end (from the visitor source to order confirmation) experience. Shopping Behavior Analysis report is easy for even the most senior person in your company to understand, and yet has enough horsepower built in to allow you to dig deep to find high-impact issues.
Ten hidden gems in Google Analytics that likely fall on the 80% of the tool that you don't use. Please share your incredible ideas, feedback on my recommendations above, battle scars, best practices, and anything else you think will add value to our readers, via comments below.
The closer you get to focusing on people (and their behavior and intent and not just age), the better you will do.
This gives you the query report in questions and provides me with a wealth of insights of what questions users are asking and how you can improve content to answer these questions more effectively.
Quite honestly, Google may have this data via its browser activity(if applicable), but than your getting into ethics and anti-privacy and this finite detail would create a firestorm.
STEP 3: Now depending on your data set, familiaritly with Spreadsheets Vlookups or SQL joins will be very beneficial in mapping(or combining) more to this. I hope I didnt go off topic or confuse you here, but the overall message is, what Avinash is saying when he said to combine and look at other sources as well. This blog about web analytics has so many actionable topics to explore and like many others say…a hidden gem in itself. Explore some of the techniques Avinash has mentioned throughout this site and customize it to your own specifications is what Im saying. But I really love this specific insight, because they are also a thermometer of our society. For example, I am running an adwords campaign through which a user is landing on my page, but I have figured out that he might be browsing around the website for similar products and might drop an inquiry in a completely different product page. Sanjay: I want to caveat that people will likely direct you to Path Analysis, I humbly believe that if you get more than 1000 people on your site a month, this is a complete and utter waste of time. If you want to know where on the page something is happening, you can simply use the In-Page Analytics report. The SBA report just focused our attention in a big way, all other actions as you can see above came from digging deeper, segmentation and experimentation.
And whilst it may not be the most practical for doing lengths down your local pool, it’s a sure-fire way to make a statement on the beach this summer. Alternatively, take your pick from our edit of black mesh cossies in the carousel below- all budgets covered! Instead, that loyalty forces you to contort your needs into whatever shape that company gives you. Ok, not so much hurts my feelings and more that I'm sad you are not taking advantage of all of the features at your disposal to drive smarter decisions by your leadership teams.
I recommend that periodically you gather folks around you for lunch, pull up Adobe Analytics on the big screen in the conference room, let each person expose one hidden report or feature.
My hope is to aid in your persistent quest to deliver more impactful IABIs (Insights, Actions the leadership should take, Business Impact). Pop open your GA account in a different tab, or your WebTrends or your WebTrekk or IBM Analytics accounts, and follow along. When you shift from right-time to real-time, you end up with a lot more activity and no actual value.
My gems are are all related to driving high value to most of you, and to drive smarter, timely, broader IABIs.
Let's learn why these qualify as hidden gems, and how you can extract high-impact IABIs by leveraging them. You can easily see applications of this data in the content you might produce for your website or your social platforms – just to use one example of value.
You can easily see how this will influence your marketing and advertising strategy – ad content, ad targeting and so much more.
And, in this case, if you use Google's display advertising platforms, you can integrate with them and buy ads specifically to target your high value segments. There are, of course, many complex ways to do analysis and eschew the empty calories of reporting. As you do that, leverage the hidden gem called Shortcuts to save your beloved final product.
You now have a dramatically different understanding of who is there by simply creating an advanced segment for these Yes (logged-in) users. But it is totally worth it for the higher quality insights, actions and business impact computations you'll be able to deliver. If you have Macro and Micro-Outcomes (and shame on your company if they don't!), you can understand this entire sequence of user behavior uniquely for each of those outcomes. Think of it this way, the report illustrates credit being given to your marketing efforts (email, referrals, display and more) for introducing new people to your business, for working hard in the early part of the conversion journey, AND credit for driving the visit that lead to a direct conversion. Your social media strategy (content, targeting, landing page experience) should reflect this user behavior. For example, you are just getting going to the complex world of custom attribution modeling.
You don't start from scratch, you start with something smart, layer in your even better smarts. With all the Social Media ROI pressure you might find the social media dashboards to be handy. There, you are able to get access to a whole bunch of super-creative applications that solve every problem you might imagine. For all free solutions, click here and then from the left nav choose the category you are interested in.

I've applied the Direct Traffic segment, and you can see that the numbers changes, and what I might focus on in the report also changes. They'll help you double the impact you are having on your company, through your IABI recommendations.
There are others like Channel Groupings that allow you to change the way you categorize traffic. The demographic and psychographic data you'll find in your digital analytics and competitive intelligence tools will be just directional. Think about being able to track IP addresses…Now Imagine if you new somebody at an ISP who will give this info to you. If you have duplicate links on that page, you might have to do a small amount of technical work, but this report should give you want you want. They do whatever they can to make you feel like your identity is somehow linked to the products you buy, the drinks you consume, the computer you use, and even the toilet paper you wipe your ass with.
But this is bad for everyone, including you: when you hold a company accountable for their missteps (and praise what other companies do well), everyone makes better products. They want to make sure you only have one option where you live, so they can charge you whatever they want and not worry about you running off to the other guy. You'll be surprised at how much you learn, and, like an Easter egg hunt, the whole thing is fun all by itself.
Even if you don't use Google Display Network or DoubleClick products, see the earlier paragraph for how you can use this to simply understand your current cookies better and create more relevant content. But, one simple strategy is to start with a standard report, and monkey with it, technical term (!), to give you the analysis you need. Then, you go on to the 15 other things that need your attention (those tweets are not going to post themselves!), and you lose all that effort you put in.
You don't see this in the above view, but I also added an advanced segment (separating out desktop and mobile).
But, well before that, just scanning the data from left to right (where the last column blows your mind) will have an instantaneous influence in the IABI you deliver to your boss. You should do this for all your core marketing channels (Email and Display are particularly insightful). This exposes more social networks, more cleanly, with your paid and owned efforts showing up in one place. Custom alerts are such a lovely hidden gem because they proactively let us know when the known unknowns have happened.
But only trigger the alert when the Per Session Goal Value is 50% greater than what is normal for my twitter traffic. You can play with the model, understand how it was created and what trade-offs I'm making. For y, just head over to the hidden gem that is the GA App Gallery and discover that someone's already solved the problem you are having (for free, or for a small price). There are such amazing features that if you are still on standard ecommerce by April 30th, you'll fall into the super-lame category!
You can also click on any of the blue boxes above, and create an ecommerce segment for that group.
My favourite include Device Category, City, Source and User Category (custom one that you can set up).
It pains me, massively, that so few people use these two features without which it is quite literally impossible to find anything that impacts the business bottom-line on a regular basis. I also have rankings to prioritize which queries I want to target.You can now see the potential of this hidden gem that Avinash has mentioned. Google Analytics or other analytics tools provides you with solid foundatins in achieving these.
They need you to feel that attachment because it, above all else, is what keeps you coming back.
On top of that, you have the Diderot effect, which happens when our purchases directly influence our sense of self. And, that's not all, when you consider that it is segmented data, across multiple dimensions, it really is impressive. In these, and many other scenarios, it is wise to step off our high horses (mine!) and leverage the psychographic data so easily available in Google Analytics.
Think of how much cleverer your bosses and marketers will be just understanding the implications of the last column above. We thought they might, but rather than check for them constantly, GA does it for you and alerts you, so that you can transform the activity into insight, come up with a recommended action and compute business impact. You can't even do other stuff like, say, you read on a famous blog that analyzing search queries with multiple keywords is a smart idea. Way too many business intelligence options, and mobile solutions and email integrations and tag management and ecommerce and content management and everything else under the sun. There is an additional feature called MCF Channel Groupings that allows you to do sexy stuff with my favourite MCF reports.
If your analytics life (in any digital analytics tool) is not structured on those two core elements, please shift your approach this very moment if you want to retain relevance!
Segmenting this data and using that analysis to change your adwords ad copy, your display banner messaging, your YouTube trueview targeting, and much more, is a brilliant idea. I love you Keeks!' Kardashian is clearly proud of how hard she's exercised with personal trainer Gunnar Peterson. In most cases the exchange was simply exactly the same as usual, as though I hadn’t professed my love for the PR. They thought I had genuinely fallen in love with them and were deciding to ignore the incredibly weird situation; 3.

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