With a million ways for a first date to go wrong (and right), take our advice on 5 things you shouldn’t tell a woman on a first date. When it comes to women, one of the most common fears about the first date is that men will objectify them for their physical beauty, not paying attention on what they have to say. The best way to impress a woman is to treat her like she is one of a kind and avoid any comparisons, especially comparing her to your mother. Expressing your deeper feelings on the first date is strictly forbidden, unless you want to scare your date away. If you are still in the initial stages of dating then you need to know what NOT to say on a first date to keep the conversation free of those long, awkward pauses! In keeping with the previous subject: on a first date, you probably shouldn’t say anything that’s going to make him feel like your father. Even if you’re going for humour, saying something like this to your date might make him self-conscious about his weight. The unfortunate facts of dating say that in the nascent stages, you’re going to have to let a few things slide.
Unless it’s a good horror story, your past relationships should not be brought up—‘best let sleeping dogs lie,’ and whatnot.
Tags dating advice, dating australia, dating stages, first date, what not to say on a first date. For a while now we have seen films and read books that deal with women gathering together to discuss their dating woes and relationship hurdles with the men in their lives.

Mentioning your mother on the first date will make your date think that you are a momma’s boy unable to make decisions on his own. Saying ‘I love you’ to a person you have just met will mean that you are an emotional individual that makes decisions hastily. Inviting your date back to your place could be too forward and move the relationship faster than it’s ready to go.
Many women think that men are more impervious where self-image is concerned, or that they’re more blase about their own weight issues, but the truth is men are just as susceptible to insecurity and low self-esteem about their appearance as women. You may not realize it, but you inadvertently come across as antagonistic when you address an issue this way.
Regardless, it is his choice, so if Hairy Harry’s not your type, maybe the two of you could reach a compromise.
Now, while the men are not totally cast in a negative light in these scenarios, it’s time for the guys to fess up. If you add staring inappropriately to this situation, you have a good chance of your first date being your last date. Furthermore, comparing your date to your mother can imply that you are an insecure person looking for the woman to basically replace your mom. Besides this, you may not be taken seriously as the words ‘I love you’ should always be said meaningfully. The comment is more likely than not going to instill a sense of insecurity in your date, making him self-conscious of his chosen attire… which means he’ll be paying more attention to his clothes than to you!

If this is your first or second date, you need to be entirely focused on him, asking him questions and getting to know him better. Talking about your ex conveys insecurity and will make you seem like you’re on the rebound—something your current date will not appreciate.
This week’s guest post is by Bad Swami, a man who dishes out the juice on what Desi men expect and think on the first date.
Your date will probably think that you aren’t financially stable, and women look for men that are able to support them through life, not to be supported.
Leave your declarations of love for some other time and focus on getting to know your date better. No matter how you defend the comment, your date is going to be a little freaked out, or at the very least, feel uncomfortable. He’s probably not invested enough yet to get jealous; in fact, he’s more likely to be annoyed that you’re not paying attention. For example, if he has been consistently late meeting you due to work, school, home obligations, etc., suggest moving the time back or having more casual dates that can be easily rearranged at the last minute.
It takes two to tango (two mangoes of course) and there are certain things a woman should NOT say to any desi guy on, especially during their first meeting.

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