A woman does not want a man’s worship, but she does enjoy his admiration and respect, there is a big difference. A woman does not want a man’s bench press PB, but she does want his core strength and stillness. A woman wants a man who becomes a better man, first and foremost, for himself – and his woman is the benefactor of that quality. A blog site dedicated to the exploration of what it means to be a consciously awake man in today's world.

Dating Symbol”s article today on finding out what women really want was written by Kate Hassell.
A woman does not want a perfect man, but she does want a man who is honest, a man who has a purpose outside of her, a positive energy that he projects into the world around him. A woman wants a man who understands her core desires, a man who honours her, a man who shines his light on her brilliance, a man focused on building her up and not putting her down.
She wants a man who will quite simply, own his own shit and do what it takes to become a better man.

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