Section 3 of the IELTS Listening module involves 2 to 4 ¬†people discussing an academic topic. From skimming these 4 questions, I’m expecting a conversation ¬†about an Open University course. The speaking component:The IELTS speaking test takes between 11 and 14 minutes and is in the form of an oral interview between the candidate and an examiner.
Relax and speak as confidently as you can.Candidates who are not able to participate fully in the conversation *may not achieve their potential band score.
Before the test, you need to practice talking about topics for one or two minutes, making notes appropriate to the topic beforehand, to help you.

Practice with sample questions: It is not possible to predict what questions will come up at this point in the test except that you can be sure that the topic will be related to your long turn topic. Thus, the interviewer may start the discussion on the first related topic (Music in society) by asking you to describe how music is important to everyday life in your country.
Expose yourself to everyday topics as often discussed in newspapers or on radio and TV programs. This section requires more careful attention to the conversation or argument being expressed because of the academic topic. I read each sentence to get an idea of what the conversation will be about and who might be talking.

Try to think of all the questions that someone who was trying to get to know you might ask, and make sure that you have all the vocabulary you need to discuss the topics in depth.
After asking one or two follow-up questions the interviewer will lead you into in an extended conversation discussing issues related to the Part 2 topic you spoke on.
You are likely to be more fluent if you have already thought about the topic and have some ideas to express.

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