Effective product management is more than just visiting customers and writing requirements. According to Wikipedia, “a product manager investigates, selects, and drives the development of products for an organization.” Unfortunately, that doesn’t really tell us much when we’re looking for the qualities of someone well-suited to the job of product management. A product manager is a marketer, a negotiator, a demographer, a liaison, a researcher, an innovator — it can entail so many jobs that two job descriptions reading “product manager” may read quite differently depending upon the product and the company. If you’ve set someone to manage a product, they should manage that product from top to bottom. When the time comes for your product to be put out into the world, it’s the product manager that ushers it out the door, rallying marketing teams and sales teams and getting feedback from the public so that the cycle can begin again toward making improvements. To manage a product, the product manager needs to have some idea of where the product should go.

Communication: This is another generic term that needs clarification in the case of the product manager.
Emily Hunter has been writing about health-related topics for many years, and currently writes on behalf of the product development engineers at Pivot International. Sometimes, the market does not cooperate with these plans, which means product managers need to be quick thinkers and able to alter their plans to compensate for unexpected changes.
A good product manager must also be able to communicate that vision and even show it to others through sketches, storyboards, prototypes — whatever is appropriate and necessary for everyone involved to understand what comes next. Of course, someone with the word “manager” in their title should display leadership qualities.
People need to know what’s going on in order to get things done, and it’s the product manager’s job to make sure everyone is kept informed.

A bit of that love for the product is appropriate here as well, because the product manager should be able to make the teams they work with feel enough of that enthusiasm. If they don’t understand your customers, they’re not going to be your best product manager.
Yet, that love cannot blind them to any flaws or shortcomings; it’s not only the product manager’s job to make that product even better than it already is but also to address the needs of the customers. Developing a product is very much a group effort, and a product manager who doesn’t know the opinions or concerns of everyone involved is not going to have the information needed to propel their vision forward.

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