As long as you're comfortable with yourself, it's easy to make out with your boyfriend and have him love it. If you're putting on thick or scented lip gloss, do it at least an hour or two before you plan to make out. Just remember: if all you and your boyfriend have done is kiss and you're not comfortable with doing more, then you don't have to run your hands all over his body or let him touch you everywhere. Not every guy likes this move, so don't be discouraged if it turns out that this doesn't work for your man. You can also kiss his neck and lick it a tiny bit, and then blow on it to make your man shiver. Basically, you should always find something to do with your hands instead of keeping them on your lap, so if you need a break from exploring his body, touch his hair, and vice versa.
This is not recommended for a first makeout -- you should definitely be comfortable with your boyfriend before you try this!
Some guys find it really cute if you act all possessive over him and out of nowhere, grab his shirt, pull him in and kiss him passionately.
Guys usually like it when you rub their chest, but make sure to test it out to see if they actually like it or not.
Only make out as long as it is enjoyable for both of you (people don't want to be forced to do something they don't want to). If you're alone in a bedroom or a basement, you can dim the lights a bit without being too obvious about it.
Speed: Slow kisses are a good start to making out, and they're nice for taking a subtle breather in the middle. Tongue: Try French kissing, or gently touching your partner's tongue with your tongue, to heighten the intensity. If your partner is male: Hold onto his head, and slowly and lightly move your hands to the back of his head. If your partner is female, wrap your arms firmly but gently around her and rub up and down her back (or lower back if she responds happily). Pull away and smile, run your fingers through the other person's hair (this works great for guys and girls), and keep your hands on the person's body.
Don't forget to swallow to avoid excessive saliva or you might end up accidentally depositing it in your partner's mouth. To make your boyfriend love making out with you even more, soften your lips with balm, or just lick them.
At first, move just the tip of your tongue into his mouth, until you've both moved your tongues into each other's mouths and are gently moving them in a circular motion, or with one on top of the other.
If you're feeling adventurous and are comfortable enough with each other, then gently bite your boyfriend or suck on his lips.
If you and your boyfriend are really comfortable with each other, then don't be afraid to suck on his finger while you lock eyes, just for a second or two.
You're probably nervous about screwing up, so take some of the pressure off yourself by making sure you don't have an audience. If you know that someone you like will be coming over solo later and that there's a good chance you'll be making out later, then you can make sure your room is neat and tidy, that there's no chance a parent or roommate will interrupt, and that everything smells nice and is conducive to making out.
Even if you don't have time for a full-on shower, you can still do small things like wiping your nose, brushing your teeth, and splashing water on any areas that are starting to smell a little ripe.

Cover your bases by chewing gum or breath mints right before making out -- if you can be subtle about it. If you're already comfortable kissing someone regularly, move it into making out simply by continuing the kisses and trying some of the techniques in Part Two. Before you start kissing, make your intentions clear by using your hands to start closer contact. If you act like you know what you're doing, your partner will be convinced that you're at the top of your game.
Slowly bring your face toward the other person's, maintaining eye contact until you're a few inches away.
You can also cup her face between your hands, gently sweeping your thumbs over her cheekbones. Make this one quick, light and gentle, especially if your making out was heavy and intense toward the end. If you've just wrapped up making out with a girl you adore, lock eyes and slowly bring the back of her hand up to your lips for a light kiss just before she leaves. Tell him or her that you can't wait to hang out again and make it clear that you mean you can't wait to make out again too. For example, explore your partner's body a bit more, and find out what they are comfortable with when making out!
Do not pressure your partner (or put up with a partner who pressures you) just because the two of you have swapped spit. If you want to know how to drive your boyfriend crazy in just a few minutes, just follow these steps.
You can even do this fifteen minutes before you start to make out, so he is more excited and pays more attention to your lips. Remember to bite him very gently at first, and then gradually bite a little harder -- nothing will kill the mood faster than making your man bleed from the lip.
Whispering in your boyfriend's ear in the middle of a makeout session will give him a pleasant tingling sensation near his ear and neck, and feeling your hot breath on his ear will make him want you even more. After you've kissed for a few minutes, make your way down to your boyfriend's earlobes and neck.
Run your hands through your boyfriend's hair, gently caress his strands, and continue to play with his hair as you're kissing or when you're taking breaks. Don't keep straddling your boyfriend, kissing his neck, whispering in his ear, or doing whatever it is you like to do. Gently kiss him on the lips, stroke his hair, or just tell him how much you like him afterwards, so he feels confident and knows that you really like hooking up with him.
Also make sure that you two have been kissing for a while and feel comfortable with each other before attempting.
To make out for the first time like a pro, all you have to do is relax, read your partner, and to not rush in too much. Opt out of movie theaters or group dates, and instead shoot for secluded situations like a quiet movie night at home, an outdoor picnic, or an otherwise deserted space.
Sit close if you're on a couch or in a car, or hold hands and stand with your body completely against theirs. You could also undo the top button of your shirt, roll up your sleeves, or pull up your hair, so that your neck and chest are more exposed.

Hold hands, offer a shoulder or foot rub, play with the other person's hair, or lightly trace your fingers over the face or throat. Make small darting movements, or sweep it around your partner's tongue in smooth, circular motions. If it seems like your partner likes being kissed in a certain spot, make a mental note to revisit. Make sure to keep your hands active and to keep touching your partner's body so you really connect. It's okay to take a break, laugh together a little bit, get a glass of water, or just make yourself more comfortable.
Your compliments will not only be a confidence booster, but they will probably also encourage more kissing. You can do this with your hand positioning, kissing different body parts and both your body positionings.
Go down to a dark basement with only the glow of the television lighting your bodies or find a hidden cove in a park, where the thought of getting caught gets you in the mood even more. Tease him by lightly pushing him, squeezing his shoulder, making cute jokes, or just by playing with your hair and making him want you even more. And hey, as you get more comfortable, there's nothing wrong with putting your hands near his groin area to turn him on -- if you have a more intimate relationship.
You'll need to switch things up, from the position of your body, to the style of your kisses. She says, “I love to write, and helping people in the process is killing two birds with one stone.” To new editors she says, “Just try things out! If you want to know how to make out like you've done it a million times before, just follow these steps.
You don't have to be too thorough about this or it'll make you more nervous, but if you feel and look your best, you'll have a better chance of having a great make-out session. If your partner is really ready to take it to the next level, relax and let him or her take the lead. If he or she seems interested, you're probably clear to move onto making out; if you run into hesitation, though, it might be best to try another time. You can also pull yourself closer to him letting his hands wrap around your back a little more to make it steamy and sexy. You can't just transition from hanging out to kissing -- you'll need to flirt a bit to get him in the mood first.
Then, wait for him to pull you closer and start with a soft, gentle kiss without getting too sloppy. If you can master biting just enough to leave a sensation, then your boyfriend will go wild if you can really nibble on his ears and neck. If you're on a date before you think you'll make out, try to avoid eating any overly-pungent foods. If it's your very first kiss, then you may be a little nervous, but take a deep breath and let your lips touch your partner's at a slight angle.

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