If it's late and you're getting ready to go to sleep, tell him you're lying in bed but it's harder to fall asleep without someone to cuddle with.
When a guy randomly says "Bye" when your texting, just casually say "Bye", and when and if he starts texting you again, never ask where he was and why he left. Be casual, and don't annoy him by sending him blank texts if he's not replying; he's probably just thinking about what to reply. Once he asks what you're up to (or you're just ready to tell him), use it as a way to start flirting.

This can be vague (like talking about spooning in general), or specific (like talking about how you'd like to slowly kiss him). Dropping hints about doing the things you've talked about the next time you see him is a surefire turn-on.
He shouldn't be distracted, he'll have time to text, and you'll be the first thing on his mind in the morning. Don't drag the texting on for hours, and try to keep the attention focused on him and yourself.

If he likes you, he'll take it as an opportunity to let you know he loves it when you text him.

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