Understand that most people will not put anything more in a text message than they need to, especially if they don't know you like them, or if they don't have feelings for you.
Every once in a while, it's okay to ask them if you're being annoying, like if you suspect they may be doing work or writing an essay when you text them.
For example, if they say they're working on an essay for English, you can say "Just let me know if I'm distracting you, I don't want to bother you." This they can reply to politely. Perhaps during the third text conversation, begin questioning about their personality and interests.
For the guy: Nobody likes a player, so just get to know her before you decide if you really do like her. Don't think they don't like you if they don't respond immediately, it just means they might be busy or something just came up. If you're excited to text the guy you like, but you're afraid you'll say the wrong thing or that you might even look desperate or needy, the trick to texting your crush is to be fun and playful while not coming on too strong.
Be engaging.You should let him know that you're able to keep up a lively conversation, and keep things open so he feels like it's easy to keep talking to you.
If you're at the right stage in your relationship, let him know what you're wearing, and he'll be even more excited to see you. If he's giving you one word responses, like "Yes," or "No," then he may not want to keep talking.
If he's not asking you any questions back, then he may only be responding to you out of politeness. If you've already started casually seeing each other, there's no harm in letting him know that you're excited to see him. If you've started hooking up, tell him that you can't wait to show him the new lingerie you bought for your date.
You can ask about his weekend, but don't ask if he hooked up with another girl, or if he saw any cute girls out at the bar last night.
If you don't know how to keep the conversation going, ask if he wants to play 21 questions.
Just deal with it for now, because sometimes they may be interested in you and are just shy, or they don't have very good typing skills on their phone.
Unless it's a fantastic day where you're both flirting and having a great time texting each other, never start a conversation more than twice a day. After a few questions, just let them know that you're kinda bored or whatever and want to know what they're into anyway, so that's why you're asking so many questions. Don't immediately flirt with him the moment you text him, pretend that he's another girl that you just met and want to be friends with, and after a while flirt a little, and as everything progresses, flirt some more.
She could be pretty and have an absolutely horrendous personality, so just try talking to her in person as well as texting her to see who she really is. This will tell the person you care about them, and also that you have a lot of time to spend. Don't message him constantly sounding nervous.Because he will think that you are a depressed person.
If such a situation arises that you might want to say something like this, tell a girl that she's "pretty", "beautiful", or "cute". If you're looking for tips for texting the guy you like, then you've come to the right place. Starting your texting session with a question is a great way to show you're interested in your crush and to make it easy for him to respond.

Don't ask him about what he thinks is the meaning of life; ask him how he did on his math test. If you ask him something that he can answer in just a few words, then it will be hard to continue the conversation. Being engaging means not only giving the right response to him, but making it easy for him to keep the conversation going.
Maybe you heard something really weird on the news, or you were impressed by a random fact. If you're at the level where you're ready to flirt, then you should have fun with him without giving your feelings away too much. Let him know when you're going out with friends, taking a karate class, or watching a new movie.
Though you may not have time for a deep conversation when you're texting, he'll be more excited to talk to you if he finds out you like the same band or have the same favorite TV show. You shouldn't just end the conversation by saying, "See ya!" Instead, you should leave the conversation open so it will be easy for you to chat again. If you're going to a concert of a band you both like, tell him so he can ask about it later. Casually mention that you're going out with a few friends and that it would be fun to hang out with him.
This will make him feel like you're breathing over his shoulder and that you're desperate to hear from him. Your texts should let your guy know that you're into him, and that you're a cool chick to talk to.
The occasional winky face or smiley face will let him know you're flirting, but a million exclamation marks or smiley faces will scare him off. If you're out with your girlfriends or at a party, you can send him the occasional text to let him know you're thinking of him, but don't make him think that you don't know how to have fun because you're too busy being tied to your phone. The last thing you want to do when you're texting a guy you like is to completely embarrass yourself.
Even if your relationship has progressed and you've had some sexy time, this is the stupidest thing you can do. This way you can get to know him more and have a little fun talking to him and keep him interested.
If he's really not interested, you'll still have the upper hand for controlling the conversation. Try to recognize when the conversations are slowing down so that you can be the first one to cut it off. It's okay to use it among regular conversation, but never compose your entire text of all chatspeak. They probably speak like this because they don't like chatspeak, and it would make it easier for them to talk to you if you use their form of dialogue.
Granted, you shouldn't text him every single day; try every other day or every few days, giving him a chance to initiate as well. He will also appreciate that you're being direct, and that you're not wasting his time with a text that he doesn't even know how to answer. Instead of just saying hello, you can ask an interesting question, or tell him something that will make him want to respond to you and pursue the conversation further. You can show that you're smart without taking yourself too seriously, and he will love that.

Flirting will make him excited to talk to you, and he'll be impressed by your boldness as long as you don't go overboard.
You should show him that you're a well-rounded person with a variety of interests and friends and that you're always up to something new. He'll know that your life doesn't revolve around talking to him, and will want to be a part of it even more.
If he's always the one to end the conversation, or if you just keep dragging the conversation on when he's busy or when there's nothing left to say, then he will leave the conversation without wanting more. This can be as simple as telling him you're looking forward to seeing him, or letting him know about something interesting that you're doing so he can ask about it later.
If you're already showing signs that you're needy over texts, then he will have no doubt that you're even needier in person.
Your texts should not make the guy feel like you're obsessing over talking to him and that you're at his back and call and are willing to put your life on hold to respond to him. If he's taken four hours to respond to you, don't fire back an answer as soon as you hear from him. Once you embarrass yourself through your texts, it may be hard to strike up a conversation again, and even harder to build a relationship with the person you like. Not only may he think you're too forward, but if you don't know him that well, he can end up being a creep and may hold it against you later.
It goes the same way for people who speak in all chatspeak, try their language if you haven't already.
Remember that people LOVE to talk about themselves, and this benefits you too because you'd be finding out more about them. He should think that you have a busy life and should feel lucky that you have time to talk to him through texting.
Your texts should be fun and breezy, and should not make him feel like you want something from him. Also don't keep sending him texts when he doesn't respond just give him time to answer you back! That paper we had to write last week was really hard," you might seem a bit desperate, so just end it right there. If he feels like you spend all your time waiting around for a text from him, then he'll quickly lose interest. Telling him how much you like him via text will make you look a bit desperate and afraid of having a real conversation in person. They may answer something like "Hanging out", which is perfectly okay, because at least you know that they're hanging out and not dying in the void of "not much"-ness.
If you two are closer, like friends, you may want to say goodbye first, like "I'm gonna go listen to music. Seriously, it's always annoying when you desperately want the conversation to end, but it never does because they won't leave you alone.

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