Liza Misra, a psychotherapist, says, “Those who dwell on feelings of unrequited love are generally those who assume that true love is necessary for ultimate happiness and this need to love before one can feel happy is called dependency.  Interestingly, unrequited love can actually last a very long time, for many years or even decades – paradoxically the lover’s feelings usually reach a breaking point as they continue to deepen. Descriptions of what these combinations of the various love dimensions should tend to be like can be found in the following chart. Our brains release different biochemicals depending on whether we are experiencing pain and fear or love and inspiration.

When we experience love and inspiration, the brain releases the body's natural "uppers" that lower blood pressure, heart-rate and oxygen consumption. Since the soul and the body are one, our experiences of love or fear directly influence us to the core of our being - emotional, spiritually and, as we can see, physically. Violence and love are at opposite ends of a continuum, with selfishness at one end and service at the other.

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