Many of us feel very sad and dejected when we break up with someone we considered very special. Though we are aware that when we listen to “breakup songs” we understand the pain behind the lyrics and sympathize with the singer. The songs that we should listen to are songs that understand the pain we are going through and not ones that will depress us even further.
If you listen to those sad songs, you will find yourself sobbing and wondering why life has handed you this situation (see more why is it too hard to get over someone). Beware of getting into this rut and instead look for songs that empower you and help you to move on.
Feel inspired by the words and realize how lucky you are for getting out of a bad situation in time. When we listen to songs about getting over someone and moving on, it will help us to learn how to handle our grief and breakup.

Many of these songs tell us that we are better off without that person and help us remain strong and unyielding when they return to us to try and patch up the relationship. If the relationship was an unhealthy one, it will spur us on to ignore and move on to a healthier one ( See more how to get over someone fast). The best songs to get over a breakup are the ones who made you believe that you are better off without your ex.
Here are a few of those songs, however I believe what you like to listen to is very personal to you.
If you don’t like below songs, you can search for the other songs which fit your persona, but just remember that those songs must covey the message that you’re okay with your breakup. Leona Lewis does a great rendering of the song “Better In Time”.  She realizes that the pain and hurt will disappear in time even though she was afraid she could not live with him again. Kelly Clarkson sings “Since U Been Gone” when she finally realizes that there is more to love and life does not end when your ex leaves you.

You will realize that you were fortunate to find out about your ex and when they do come crawling back you will be able to shut the door in their face! However, I don’t like some of these songs, yet I will try listen to them to improve my mood.
You may want to stop going out and meeting people for fear of getting into another relationship again. This song is guaranteed to spur you on into ending a relationship that was painful and unfulfilling. However, he better understand how to use psychology in real life to forget an ex and feel good.

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