My mission is to share my story with the hope of helping my fellow ladies out there who are experiencing similar problems.
In the meantime she started picking on my sister in law who was losing her 17 year old son to cancer, telling her shit that it was cause he wasn’t her husbands son.
Competition between sister in laws can be common in some families, which can drive a wedge between not only the women, but the entire family.
Never talk about your sister-in-law in a derogatory fashion to your mother-in-law (even if she is possibly talking about you). Consult with your husband if your sister-in-law appears to be trying to sabotage your relationship. Try to realize that your sister in law may be either threatened or admire you, causing her to become competitive.
Take a pause if you feel as though your sister in law’s competitive behavior is causing problems in your family relationships.
MIL took their tractor and tried knocking the mobile home off of its foundation with my sister in law and their 2 children in it.

Whether its your husband’s sister or your brother’s wife, nipping this competitive behavior in the bud will helpful if you want to have a better time at family gatherings. Your mother-in-law can see what’s going on if your sister-in-law is trash talking you to her so resist the urge to bad mouth her and instead take the high road. If you notice that your mother in law is treating you differently lately or acting odd, you may need to do some investigating to see if your sister in law either started a rumor or speculated about you to your mother in law.
Especially if your sister in law is your husband’s sister, ask him to do a little detective work and find out if she’s been gossiping about you behind your back to your mother in law.
Instead of being bogged down by negatively stemming from your sister in law, turn your attention to forge a positive relationship with other family members.
Never be overly rude but hold back on being extremely warm or open with your sister-in-law. My brother in law got some balls and moved his family and home away from their property after 13 years of living there. Allow your sister in law to talk about her’s but don’t share accomplishments or struggles your children may be experiencing (which may give her more fuel for comparison).

Whether your mother in law is her mom or you are both in the daughter in law position, make sure she isn’t trying to ruin your relationship in an effort to look good in her eyes.
We bought a truck for his work, 2 months later the in laws show up with one of their logging trucks and told him to drive it for them, he did. We have the  an extensive collection of quotations by famous authors, celebrities, and newsmakers.
I wanted you to know that these stories are one worse than the other, but the problems not impossible to solve.

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