The emotional and sensitive Cancer man is very affectionate and loving in his relationships.
As the Moon is their ruling planet, you can expect them to be intuitive when it comes to love, sex and finding their true love. Cancer Man Compatibility With Aries Woman:- Keeping the passion alive is the only way the Cancer Man and Aries Woman love compatibility is going to survive.
Cancer Man Compatibility With Taurus Woman:- The Cancer Man Taurus Woman relationship has a lot of potential when they both have a lot in common. Cancer Man Compatibility With Gemini Woman:- The Cancer Man and Gemini Woman in love have the potential to make a long lasting relationship.
Cancer Man Compatibility With Cancer Woman:- The Cancer Man Cancer Woman love compatibility is filled with deep love and strong emotions.
Cancer Man Compatibility With Leo Woman:- The Cancer Man Leo Woman marriage has some potential, but none to hold it together for long term status.
Cancer Man Compatibility With Virgo Woman:- There is a lot of potential for a long lasting Cancer man Virgo woman relationship as both zodiac signs love spending time at home.
Cancer Man Compatibility With Libra Woman:- The zodiac compatibility between the Cancer male and the Libra female is not too great.
Cancer Man Compatibility With Scorpio Woman:- Though Cancer man and Scorpio woman might have different energy levels, they are similar personalities and have the same desires. Cancer Man Compatibility With Sagittarius Woman:- If the Cancer Man and Sagittarius Woman soulmates are looking to make things work out, they both will need to be extremely flexible. Cancer Man Compatibility With Capricorn Woman:- There is potential in a Cancer Man Capricorn Woman love compatibility.
Cancer Man Compatibility With Aquarius Woman:- If this Cancer man and Aquarius woman relationship is going to work out, he has a lot of work to do on his part. Cancer Man Compatibility With Pisces Woman:- The Cancer man and Pisces woman share excellent love compatibility due to their similar natures. One thing you must take into consideration when dating a Cancerian male is, while they are in fact deeply in touch with their emotions, you must take care not to hurt those feelings.
The Cancer man in love traits show that emotional slights, more than any other, cut deep and leave lasting bruises, if not scars. As a rule, though a Cancer man in love personality and is out of sorts, is prone to spending a little irresponsibly on emotional comfort items.

The Cancer man in love personality traits show that he can be the source of some very satisfying relationships in your life. No, the Cancer male has a love affair with love itself, and is gentle and caring with both your needs, and his own. The Cancer man in love characteristics show that he can be quite tenacious when need calls. The Cancer love compatibility shows that they have a tendency to respond with jealousy to things that might not even cause a blip on another star sign’s radar. The Cancer man in love traits show that the tone of voice with which you speak to someone, the depth of conversations you have with them, all of these can trigger the Cancer into a bit of a cold shell. The Cancer man in love personality traits show that they have a tendency to be seen as the Alpha Wolf within a group, especially by the men. The Cancer man in love characteristics show that he will notice when others have entered depressed moods, and will inquire after these shifts in moods with compassionate sincerity. As may already be apparent, the Cancer male in a relationship is deeply committed to his home.
The Cancer man in love personality traits show that every effort will go into making the home, warm and comfortable for those who visit. All around, Cancer men are deeply cautious and caring, who will love you forever if you treat him right. The Cancer man in love characteristics show that if conflict comes into the home, disperse it quickly and get on to making amends. Cancer men ruled by the planet moon, deserve the position of a successful politician as it is their field of merit. Possessing a very emotional mentality and caring nature, Cancer men love people with a big heart. Find out more about the love compatibility of the Cancer male with women of the 12 zodiac signs.
The Libra Woman is attracted to beautiful and luxurious things while the Cancer Man rather be spending his time at home. But only if both the lovers are ready to do what it takes to make this relationship a success. Cancer Men are very conservative and understanding the mysterious Aquarian is not going to be easy at all.

When a Cancer is feeling down, a sure-fire way to get him feeling warm and cozy again is to prepare his favorite meals or give him his favorite treats. If we review the history of our beautiful earth then we will see that the most successful politicians belong to cancer zodiac sign.
One thing you will need to remember is that if you are in a relationship with a Cancerian, your man will never like to express his needs to you. Cancer men may possess a passive aggressive character but you have to understand it and handle it with care. On the other hand, the Cancer guy will need to accept that his lover is a perfectionist Virgo. There is a lot these two star signs will have to understand about each other in order to make it worth both of their time. Cancer men yearn for spiritual love, which is a concept Sagittarius women have no idea about. Though the Goat lady might not be necessarily passionate, she is sincere and will work hard to make sure he understands how much she loves him. He is likely to stick to a sex routine when in the bedroom rather than mixing things up with crazy new positions or role-play.
But they also need to overcome the negative Cancer personality traits, if they want this zodiac match to succeed.
While the Leo female will need to be more understanding, the Cancer man will need to be less emotional.
If the Fish is truly interested in dating this man, she should have no second thoughts about it!
Though he is of a motherly nature, in times of need he stands as the man and he protects his lover from any odds. These two zodiac signs work on breaking each other out of their shells and taking on the world together.

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