In the January before Mayer came in, the search company declared that it would go "mobile first." She's made (mostly) good on that claim. Yahoo thinks it can make your password a thing of the past.The Sunnyvale, California-based Internet giant unveiled new features Thursday, including one that enables people to log in to their email accounts without a password. Beyond the publicity, she quickly executed several smart strategies that have shaken up Yahoo.
She launched a redesign of Yahoo's homepage, logo, and features like Yahoo mail and Flickr.
The catch, of course, is you must own a smartphone and be willing to give your phone number to Yahoo.

Bonforte said more than 90 percent of Yahoo Mail users in the US have smartphones, and the majority of users access their mail through their phones. If Yahoo's tech catches on, it means consumers could eventually live in a world without having to remember passwords. The company in March released a feature called On-Demand passwords, which lets people sign into their Yahoo accounts with temporary passwords the company texts to users' phones.
It's Yahoo's take on a common process for logging into websites called two-factor authentication, where you first enter your own password, then enter a second password the company sends to your phone.
Think of Yahoo's process as two-factor authentication, minus the first factor.But only 3 percent or 4 percent of Yahoo's 225 million monthly active users implemented On-Demand passwords, Casey said.

Yahoo's new tool, called Account Key, is "far superior," to On-Demand passwords, said Jeff Bonforte, senior vice president of communication products.
He said Yahoo will eventually shut down On-Demand passwords and move people to the new feature.

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