For years Mozilla and Google have shared the same bed and for a long time Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer reveled in the riches of the Mozilla-Google partnership wearing the red, blue, green, and yellow blouse of Google. This is a big deal for Mayer and Yahoo who dropped their search engine a few years ago to focus on other aspects of their business. If you don’t know, Mozilla has made much of its money from its partnership from Google.
Potentially losing 10 percent of the search engine market is a significant hit to Google for sure, but let’s take a deeper look at exactly why Mozilla would make the switch to Yahoo.
Tying in with whether or not Google should be concerned, is the power that this type of change can have on the internet.
Additionally, private search might not be the only thing that will attract users to Mozilla’s Firefox browser. As Chrome seems to be all that matters in Google’s mind anymore, they may view Yahoo and Mozilla as washed up.
Yahoo finally gets back into the search picture—but the real winner from Yahoo’s side of thing could be Bing. Some users may have changed back to their search engine of choice with the click of a button, but others—and quite a few—have stuck with Yahoo giving the company a significant boost in the internet search market.

Now, wearing the regal purple of Yahoo, Mayer was thrilled to announce her company’s new five-year partnership with Mozilla.
Now under the tutelage of Mozilla’s Firefox, Yahoo will now become a significant player in search. Much has been made in the past year about net neutrality and the push for a free and open internet (one that doesn’t track your every move).
One thing is for sure, Mozilla partnered with Yahoo as a long-term investment—hoping that users may eventually get fed up with Google’s tracking and switch to a more private browser. Naive as that thinking may be or not, they are certainly the only losers in the Mozilla Yahoo merger.
Firefox version 34 is in full swing with Yahoo now in default-charge of the browser’s search queries. Maybe—but perhaps Mozilla is banking on the fact that the majority of their users will not even bother switching their default search engine away from Yahoo and they could be basing this hope due to Yahoo’s improved search functionality.
It’s only a matter of preference, but the casual Mozilla user would most likely be satisfied with their search under Yahoo as they would have been with Google. Since Yahoo will honor Mozilla Do Not Track feature, one could see some users switching to Mozilla Firefox from Chrome and the word could spread from there.

You may love Google’s approach to giving you the best search results based off of your browsing and search history.
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Microsoft didn’t have to pay one-dollar for the Mozilla Yahoo deal to increase their market-share via Bing. Eventually, Yahoo will want to pull away from Bing, but for now they are large benefactors. Mozilla and Yahoo have the user in mind and it will be interesting to see the impact of this merger at the nadir of net neutrality.
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