However, sometimes what you will see are profiles of your mother, your brother or sister, or aunt.
Some people say this method is fake because the codes are the the timelines of people whom you have interacted with. Apart from the goings-on and milestones of your friends, it has always been exciting to know who has a secret crush on you. There are no spam here, unlike most sites you see that talk about this topic are pure spam.

Especially when he or she likes your profile pictures or photos of yourself in your photo page, or your selfies. Meaning, this guy or gal admires your physical attributes even if your replies are awkward, corny or ridiculous.
I’m not talking about those miserable, lunatic strangers who stalk you, but those people who have common friends with you. They provide you a Facebook app that you need to join but only to realize you are prompted to a spam page, like asking you to like an FB page, or an advertisement or just to direct you to a landing page to gain page views and increase earnings from advertising platforms such as Google AdSense.

I’m also not talking about those people who are your friends, people whom you know personally who want to add you as a friend.
Be careful when going to these sites because most of them put viruses in your computers or mobile devices.

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