Well, all of the above are quite natural confusions and common in most cases – be it a guy or a girl.
The guy may want to break into conversation with you and may keep extending the talks even when there is no definite topic to talk on. If you probably just met him or speaking to him for the first time and he seems to be digging into knowing more about you, then probably he is interested in you.
If in your conversation, your guy is trying to match his and your likings, then it could probably mean that he is trying to find a common ground between the two of you. Observe his behavior when he is with his friends and observe his behavior when you are around too along with his friends.
You need to understand one basic principle about guys – they fear rejection and that is the reason their signs are too restricted.
If a guy agrees on everything that you say or want to do, then probably it’s a great sign that he likes you. So may be you guys have gone out for a party or any occasion together and leave from the place together too – he might try to find ways to stick around with you for some more time.
If he tries to come in contact with you by touch your hand while he talks or moving in closer to you, then it is a good sign.
He may try to find ways to arrange a second chance to meet you after you meet for the first time. If you want an advanced step by step coaching to learn all the aspects for attracting your guy and having a passionate and loving relationship, then you must give a try to Capture His Heart Course. Disclaimer : In case the editor(s) feels that the comment posted looks like spam, abusive or is solely for the purpose of promotion or any other reason, the editor(s) has the complete right to delete such comments.
Pay attention to how often she starts the conversation.[1] If initiating the conversation always falls on your shoulders, odds are, she is not very interested. Determine how interested she is in what you have to say by her replies.[2] If she has good, thorough responses to your comments, it shows a higher degree of interest in your thoughts and, by extension, a higher interest in you.
If she asks you about school, she may want to start a conversation but does not know how to! If she does like you, then she will probably drop hints, but those hints may be tricky to decode.
Meet Lojjik, a college student and wikiHow Admin and Booster, who has been active in the community for over 8 years.
Asking his friends has a very serious downside: You may be given bad information about whether or not he likes you.
If he's really talkative online, and enjoys sharing things with you, it's because he relishes the chance to talk with you, but wants to control the situation.
Don't get discouraged, and don't believe someone who says you can't date him after you've befriended him. Communicate openness by smiling, taking off your headphones, talking to people around you, smiling at strangers, and laughing when you feel like it. If you're stooped over your laptop in a corner, with your headphones on, and ignore other people, he's going to be petrified about approaching you. The difference between a shy guy that doesn't want to talk to you and a guy that doesn't like you is very slim.
Meet Daniel, a wikiHow author, editor, and Admin from Belgium who has been involved in the community for over 2 years. When you plan on texting your current crush, you first hope you want to feel he is excited to answer your texts, as if you.
This quiz analyzes body language, conversation over text and chat to check if shy guy loves you.
You like him and you want him to like you, but you are not sure if he really has the same feeling for you, as you do!
But there are pretty few signs that we shall talk of here which shall help you peep through the cover that the guy is hiding behind. He might get a little nervous, quite, shy or may be even try to ‘act’ cool when you are around. So you may find him ignoring you in front of everyone, trying to show that ‘he does not care your presence’.
So you need to look closely if the behavior is ‘abnormal’ than usual or is it his ‘normal’ behavior towards you. Although this may be true for many girls too but the guys may try their best, most times, to hide their true feelings even from their own selves. Also while he is talking to you, his eye contact would be longer than anyone else, unless he is shy. This would usually happen when you guys have not had much of conversations or may be have not even met formally as yet. He may want to impress you or may be keep you happy and so shows his agreement on almost everything you say. Notice if you are walking with him in a crowded place and he makes it a point to position himself in such a way that you are not pushed around by the crowd. You too may at times test waters by simply being close or touching his hand while in conversation and read his reaction to it. Again you need to check whether he does that for everyone or is it something special only for you.
This is a dating and relationship coaching created to help women learn male psychology, flirting and keeping your relationship run smoothly.
By subscribing with us, we ensure you that any of your details will not be forwarded to anyone. Usually, it is much easier to tell if a girl likes you when speaking to her in person than it is through texting.
If most of her texts are practical, such as question about assignments, then she may not be interested.

He has started 32 articles, patrolled over 48,600 edits, and contributed to wikiHow code as an engineering intern. Because he's shy and doesn't express his feelings often, you might get the idea that he's not interested when he actually is.
His inability to talk might be nervousness: He's got a crush on you, and he's so afraid of saying something weird or stupid that he's told himself it's better just not to talk when you're around. These things are definitely a sign of nervousness; talking to you makes him so flustered that he can't keep still. Blushing can be tough to see, but on some guys it's obvious: His face lights up and he looks like he's just run a mile.
It could be that he savors being near you, but doesn't want to tip his hand by being close to you. Since shy guys suppress their feelings so much more than other guys, keeping their interest a secret and sometimes avoiding their crushes altogether, they often steal glances to make up for it.
It's not that he's not interested in the conversation; it's that he's too interested in the conversation and doesn't want to say anything that might reveal his affection for you.
It's not necessarily that he likes your friends, it's that he wants an excuse to be closer to you, and he wants to be able to hear about you from the people who know you best. If you need an excuse (you don't, you can just ask him), tell him that your back is hurting you and you don't want to make it worse.
A lot of shy guys feel more comfortable writing from behind a screen than speaking face-to-face. Shy guys are usually pretty good about asking questions (they don't want to have to talk all the time).
It's fine to begin talking to him online or in texts, but eventually, you're going to need to approach him and try to get him to open up in person. Shy guys will stay in the friend zone for painfully long periods of time, agonizing about the pros and cons of asking you out. You tried to read his body language to see if he liked you; now it's time to investigate your own body language to see if you're sending him the right signs. The best case scenario is that you show enough interest in him that he finally sucks it up and asks you out. You can send him as many notes in class as you want, or lick your lips so often that it tastes like you're eating lip gloss.
Some guys may not text back as often as you would like because their phone is a pain in the.
You somehow want to figure out what is on his mind so that you are sure of making the next move! Take these signs as a quiz and this will finally give you the answers on how to tell if a guy likes you.
However if the guy is shy then there is a chance that he may fear more conversation with you in person. See how much of an effort your guy puts in to make the conversation lively, how much attention is pays to your talks. Whatever be the case, if his behavior is not normal then he might be doing this to attract your attention and impress you. If it is a normal one then probably he does not really have any particular interest in you. You need to read his stare – is it the one with shy or the one with the intention to stalk.
Remember, by doing this he is putting in a lot of efforts to grab your attention and to keep you happy.
It could be a case of just being a gentleman but he could simply be doing this often because he likes you and cares for you.
If this is true then there is a chance that he likes you and that Is the reason he is taking in these extra efforts. When a girl likes a guy, she will likely try to show her interest without being too obvious or looking too needy. If anything, a girl who likes you is more likely to end a text conversation first in an effort to show that she is interesting and has an engaging social life even without you. Similarly, if she gives super quick answers like "K" or frequently leaves the conversation with little more than a "brb," she probably is not very interested.
On the other hand, if her texts are personal and ask about your personal life, she might be interested. More exclamation points indicates more excitement at the opportunity to talk to you, which could signify that she likes you. For instance, she might text words like "heyyyy," "riiiiiight," "pleeeeeaaassseee," "hiiiiii" or "byyyyeee." The idea is to mimic the elongation of words often used in real-life flirtatious banter. Standard abbreviations like "LOL," "ROTFL," or "LMAO" can be sent to just about anyone, friend or crush alike. An actual invite to a party is good, but an even better invitation is the random “on the fly” sort, in which she casually mentions something like, “I think I’ll head to the pool.
Gulping is a sign that he knows he needs to say something but can't find the exact words, or any words, to say. If he's always somewhere close, but never close enough, he might be as hopelessly drawn to you as you are to him.
If he consistently avoids looking at you, it could be that he doesn't want you to notice his secret feelings. Again, note whether or not his speaking is extra awkward around you compared to around other people. He still doesn't want to mess up in front of you, but he's a little more willing to engage in conversation.
Especially if he makes friends with all of your friends and not with you, it could mean that he's crushing.

On the other hand, he could just be flirting in order to show you that he can impress other girls. You may find it hard to compliment him, especially if you're shy yourself, but this will go a long way toward making him feel more secure around you and letting you know if he likes you. If he consistently asks you about your past, about your goals, or simply about your day, take it as a good sign. Then you'll know that he's into you and won't be second-guessing yourself for the entire time you're dating.
But sometimes a guy is just so shy or plain oblivious that the only thing to do is ask him out. There are quite many signs that guys give out unconsciously when they feel attracted to a girl. Usually, a guy may not ask you about this if he genuinely has not interest in you more than a friend. But again see to it that if the behavior is so with you only or does it do it for every other friend of his. You need to go with your guts after having noticed all or most of the 20 things listed above.
There are certain non-verbal clues used in text messages that, if identified, can give you with a good idea of whether or not a certain girl likes you. As a result, she will start at least half of your conversations if not most, but probably won't start all of them. When a girl ends most texting conversations with something like, "Gotta go, I'm heading to movie with my bff," she could be interested. The more often she uses an emoticon wink, the more likely it is that she has a thing for you. If she regularly jokes back with you when you say something funny, though, or asks you questions to keep the conversation, it demonstrates that she wants to keep talking to you for as long as possible. This is especially true if she recalls specific details you previously mentioned to her about your plans. As frustrating as it may be, you're going to have to do a lot of the work here, helping him feel relaxed along the way. Notice whether he looks at other girls to find out if he acts like that in general or just around you. They get to be near and talk to you, but they don't have to risk anything by asking you out. If you're engaging him in his element, establishing a friendship, manicuring your body language, and staying patient, he will ask you out if he likes you. However, if a guy doesn’t show much of proximity or any body language signs then it does not really mean that he is not interested in you. This is a rather state of confusion for the guy himself and so in wonder he tries to show his ignorance towards you.
If he insists on buying it for other girls too including you, then it may just be a gentleman’s gesture.
If you are still in doubt then the easiest way is to talk and share your feelings with him. If a girl does start all of them, it could be a sign that she is not worried about seeming needy because she only sees you as a friend.
If, however, she just stops texting instead of saying good-bye, she is probably not interested. Standard smiles may or may not mean the same thing, but large smiles are another good sign. Be careful, though: if you look at him and he turns away immediately, he is totally embarrassed.
If you can find that place and make yourself welcome, that's the first step in becoming more than just friends. If you like him, it doesn't really matter who asks out whom, as long as you can share the sunlight together at the end of the day. He appreciates that wikiHow is a great place to connect and collaborate with others, and overall have fun while doing it.
Take this quiz to find out if the guy that you’re texting really likes you or if you’re just friends! Just like girls try to mask their feelings, boys too have a tendency to mask their feelings. But if he does not really do so for the other girls in the group and insists only for you, then he has a strong interest in you.
A blushing emoticon and a "kiss face" emoticon may also frequent her texts if she likes you. These two forms of text laughing are the equivalent of a real-life giggle, rather than a loud laugh, and a girl is more likely to text you a "giggle" if she wants to sound cute.
If she sends you a nice text after you have had a breakup with someone else – consider this suspect. With text messaging taking over communication especially with guys, we have to know how to read.
If you think you can leave an article better than the way you found it, I'd encourage you to do just that.
If he treats you differently than everyone else, he definitely has strong feelings of some sort for you.
Any text after that means you’re an afterthought or his other plans fell through and he wants to get out.

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