This poem touches my heart, it make me think of the wonderful times when my husband and I say the word LOVE to each other. My boyfriend and I met in the ninth grade we became good friends and he had the biggest crush on me and I secretly liked him as well.
A short poem can be the ultimate act of romance when it is given the time and effort that it deserves.
Every man wants that her woman express her deep love towards him and show him he is strong and best for her. These five short love poetries are specially dedicated to all emotions boyfriends out there, you can read all with deep feelings and also send them to your partners.

There are no words powerful enough to show my feelings for you but trust me, I really love you from the bottom of my heart. Author of blog inspired by Romeo and Juliet ( love tragedy written by William Shakespeare).
So for those girl friends we collected some sad love poems for your boyfriend that will make him cry and make him so emotional for you.
We not just write the poems in text but also use originally created graphics which suites each situation and give you a reason to think and realize yourself in place.
Please share it as much as possible and read some more Love Quotes and Poetry in related Posts below.

Not all men are equal some boys love poetry and some not but when you dedicate a Love Poem in your words that came from the heart, It always make him cry.

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