If ice -kating is too tame and your school is in a sunny place, many HCers recommend nighttime skinny-dipping. If you are willing to splurge on a gift, why not get away from roommates and sharing twin beds (no matter how much you love sleeping right next to your boyfriend!).
Meet your boyfriend for a day date in skinny jeans and a pink top or sport a red minidress for your night together. If you're feeling ambitious and extra sweet, cooking dinner for your boyfriend is the way to go.

For 10 dollars, you could buy a cheesy, V-Day themed stuffed animal; bake cupcakes or, better yet, purchase massage oil to really make his night. A easy Valentines Day craft for kids made from twinkies, construction paper and googly eyes.
Amazing Clubs is a website that lets you send a 12-pack of gourmet beer to your boyfriend every month for as many months as you choose. With a little bit of imagination, these ideas will help you create adorable Valentine’s Day gifts and celebrate the people you love.

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