According to a new paper in PNAS this week from a team led by University of Utah anthropologist Kristen Hawkes, menopause could be the evolutionary gateway to romance. Hawkes is one of a group of scientists who think grandmothers are the key: early humans who gave up childbearing and helped feed and care for their grandchildren wound up with more descendants, outcompeting their babies-till-old-age cousins. Using a computer model to run simulations of human evolution with and without grandmothering, Hawkes and her colleagues found that models without grandmothering developed male-female sex ratios that were female-dominated, similar to the ratios in other primate species. Mood swings, premenstrual tension (PMT), and emotional problems can also create a volatile atmosphere in the home. So [partner] is fine and I think she’s beginning to notice little changes in her cycle now but so no, we’re on the advent of [partner’s] [menopause], we’re on the brink of it while I’m coming out of it. With good communication, couples in established relationships may find ways of getting over these challenges. For many couples, sex remains an important aspect of relationships throughout the menopause and beyond. I’ve always had very good skin but all of a sudden I’ve noticed my skin’s gone extremely dry and with the dryness I’ve also dried up in other places, I don’t know whether that’s going to be relevant if we’re talking about that side of it.Yes. Now that’s really started to turn sour when I thought I was going through the menopause and it’s a shame because I’ve been very very active, my husband and I have been with each other for nearly thirty years and then to have suddenly sort of not feel like it, don’t want it and have pain with it, phew, don’t want that. And I think that’s one of the hardest things because that’s where if you read magazines and, not that I do I never have time, but it’s always the man who’ll go off with someone younger. Cultural practices which stipulate times of the month when couples can touch and have sex may also strain relationships. If your loving, supporting and caring attitude do not make her feel better or make a change, give her space and time.
Make yourself aware of the menopause symptoms and discuss the changes and treatment with your doctor. Take effort to be interested in lovemaking activities, and for problems like low libido, vaginal dryness, discuss treatment options with your doctor.
Most important try to stay positive as the changes are short-term and if needed consult a doctor. Though all possible measures have been taken to ensure accuracy, reliability, timeliness and authenticity of the information; Onlymyhealth assumes no liability for the same. For people with diabetes, hypoglycaemia occurs when there's too much insulin and not enough sugar (glucose) in the blood.
Ayurvedic remedies for hair fall are usually a combination of healthy diet, oil massages and natural herbs. Relationship Help - Snoring affects your relationships by creating frustrating situations for both the partners. Depression may sound like a minor problem as compared to other health problems like diabetes, however it can easily take toll on your sex life as well as relationships. The first night for any couple is certainly full of restless anticipation and heavy beating of hearts. Pregnant teens are bound by the responsibility of taking care of the unborn child and an even greater responsibility of keeping her social life unaffected, which in most cases is difficult. When it comes to maintaining good relationship with one's in laws, people think it’s a challenging task.
Relationship Help- Alcohol dependence have negative effects on a large number of things such as personal relationships, work and money. ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder has been said to be the cause of a lot of painful divorces and breakups.
Relationship can be the best part of people’s life however at times conflicts can arise from the smallest reasons. The origins of menopause are pretty mysterious: most animals, including other primates and human males, can keep on making babies as they age.

But when non-fertile grandmothers were added to the model, the number of fertile males in the population swelled and stabilized at about 156 males per 100 fertile females. Our nearest primate relatives mate promiscuously: males mate with many females, and females mate with many males. From a woman’s perspective, having to share a bed can add to the heat she’s experiencing with hot flushes (see ‘Hot flushes and night sweats’). Women may act irrationally, be quick to anger, and feel as if they are nit-picking or constantly nagging. I was being a very unreasonable lady and he’s got a short fuse, much shorter than mine, so it wasn’t good for us. He was doing sometimes twelve hour days, he would come home from work, he didn’t want to hear my problems and we’ve got two kids that were squabbling, doing their homework, television programmes going on all over the place.
I would say the way we are together we’ve got a challenging relationship anyway, but because we’ve been together such a long time we’ll always work on finding ways to get over those challenges and so far we’ve managed that. Some women talked of sexual freedom and greater enjoyment of sex once they no longer had periods and risked pregnancy.
Because certainly it’s very visible, he could see how challenging it was and he’d tease me and things like that. I would be quite happy, as they say, with hugs and cuddles but that’s about it, but no, definitely decreased. And that’s another big issue when it comes to your relationships because then that starts to go downhill and when your relationship starts to go downhill and your husband wants to go out and you’re wondering where they’re going and then you think “Oh my God, and I’ve got the menopause, I’m not smoking” and so you turn to have a pint then. The fluctuation in the levels of hormones can lead to various symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, itchy skin, migraine headaches, breast fullness or tenderness, vaginal dryness and irregular periods. The female hormones are known to enhance communication circuits, emotion circuits, the drive to tend and care, and the urge to avoid conflicts. An unconcerned or indifferent spouse can make her feel unloved, deserted and lonely and may make the marriage appear hollow or redundant. The only extra work you have to do is that you have to go out of your way to nourish a healthy, loving relationship that can last a lifetime.
Now researchers say that once it appeared, menopause may have had a ripple effect on human mating that helped create the human pair-bond. But proponents believe that grandmothering, and the longer lifespan that came with it, could have had widespread effects on human social systems.
Faced with a loss of sex drive and other symptoms which make them feel hot, anxious and uncomfortable, women may find they no longer want to have sex as much as they did before the menopause. Embarrassed and uncomfortable, her instinct is to get away, to find a cool spot to recover. Or, in the interests of keeping the peace they may try to keep a lid on their emotions, removing themselves from tense situations and adding further to the pressure they’re feeling.
He didn’t want that, he didn’t need it and I’m the sort of person that feels I can deal with things. Her mother had had a particularly bad menopause so that [partner] was really very sympathetic and knew what I was going through.
Women said that physical and emotional symptoms got in the way of them looking and feeling their best. Certainly if we were having sex or anything I would be very hot and so it did kind of interrupt in that way or it certainly I think it would have had an impact on love making.
Because that was another trigger if I went on an aeroplane, “we look forward to going on holiday” but he’d say, “We know what will be coming, you’ll be having your period for the whole holiday” and that kind of thing.
Majority of women (80%) have these symptoms and many may face the problem of midlife weight gain as well. He can see his loving and caring wife change and become unresponsive, uncaring and non-communicative.

You have to be focused to tide over this transition phase to make your marriage happy and successful.
Their simulated ratios roughly matched the sex ratios of chimpanzees (which do not grandmother) and human hunter-gatherer societies (which do).
But once humans evolved special paired relationships, it became possible to dally outside of them. Communication can become strained, with partners feeling rejected and at a loss to know how best to support their menopausal partner.
Yet the double bed symbolises togetherness, and pushing a partner away or leaving the room, can be felt as rejection.
She wasn’t always patient with it and she did have to take the brunt of some of it and was happier with my moodiness and could cope with me being emotional and tearful better than obviously when I would go into a fit of stupid rage about something.
Women talked about maintaining a loving relationship by sharing ‘personal private things’, enjoying ‘kisses and cuddles’ or a massage. Due to the menopausal symptoms most women start feeling unattractive, exhausted, depressed and moody.
The fluctuating or declining levels of hormones during menopause means the end of all these attributes and also loss of interest in communication and sex.
Besides the changes in his partner men have their own set of problems in midlife or face a midlife physical and emotional crisis (change of jobs, dissatisfaction with job, grown up children, health and aging issues). Moreover hot flushes and sweats interrupt the partner’s sleep, with tiredness adding to tensions in the relationship (see ‘Sleep’). To respond may lead to ‘stonking rows’; to retreat and ‘keep their mouth shut’ risks creating distance in the relationship. One woman, suffering from menopausal depression, was not surprised when her partner met somebody else.
And he has never ever put pressure on me to have a hysterectomy although I think he feels probably it’s the most sensible course of action for me now.
A lot of my friends are divorced and they all went through their divorce around about their late 40s after the children had grown up or after the children were becoming in their teens and becoming independent and then when the female was possibly either starting to go through menopause or starting to realise that things weren’t as taut and as supple as they used to be. Decrease in testosterone levels in middle age affects the male libido, moods and sexual performance. Some women wondered why their partners couldn’t give them the support and understanding they badly needed. The least bit thing and I would fill up and I always assumed that I would start going to pieces once I went into the doctor’s surgery and talked about it. So, yes, but it didn’t affect our relationship in terms of how we relate to each other because he’s a very very sensitive person like that. However the change in male hormonal levels is much more gradual as compared to a woman and hence does not cause as dramatic effects or changes. And I’d like to find this, if there was something for women out there, I know they’ve got the Viagra but I don’t want to really take any more tablets.
Most women experience a significant decrease in sexual desire during menopause, hence males associate menopause with having less sex and unloving marriage.
And a woman who understood probably from her own perspective, of course from her own perspective even though she hasn’t experienced the menopause but certainly who knew her mother’s situation and was able to kind of support me because she understood it. So it’s great to be part of a community of women who support each other through the menopause, it is I think very, very important. But there’s times when he’ll maybe switch off a bit and I find it hard going getting him to.

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