In male-female relationships and dating, while many men just want to marry women who are younger than them, some choose older ones for some reasons. A woman older than you might have lived through more experiences in life, so she will be more capable to relay more interesting information naturally than younger ones. VKool encourages comments, but please remember: Play nice, keep it clean, stay on-topic, and avoid promotional content. Ability to Start a Family (Con)As a woman reaches her 40s, her chance of getting pregnant is reduced compared to her late 20s and early 30s. Thank you very much for this mytakeAll my concerns of dating older women have been addressed.
Personally I like younger guys because they tend to be less insecure, more optimistic, more energetic and happier, nicer to be with all around. Yeah, i generalized a bit there, but i am happy to hear that women date younger guys its nice to here from a a cougar =)And yeah there are many pros and cons to dating younger guys too! There are more socially acceptable options for finding love every day and no one has a right to judge anyone if the couple is happy with the relationship.
If you find yourself loving an older woman, rejoice because we tend to know what we want in life and aren't about the drama. Continue reading this article on VKool site to know why you should start dating an older woman with its tips, benefits, pros and cons.

Most importantly, an older woman is less likely to run or to be scared when things are difficult and completed.
When they are women, the attraction levels will be higher and you will be easy to fall in love with one with good finance and a good job. The American Association of Retired Persons found that almost a third of women over the age of 40 date younger men. If an older woman has been focused on raising a family she may not have a huge bank account and might be looking to you for help. If she is successful in job, she will be more confident and more attractive to younger men like you.
She graduated from California Baptist University with a Bachelor of Arts in English and went on to achieve her Master in Education from Sierra Nevada College. This poll also found that 56 percent of women over the age of 40 are divorced, separated, or never been married. As a young man that means women who are 40 years or older CONS 1) Emotional baggage: She has been in a bunch of failed relationships, an has a bunch of emotional issues. As for 3 in the pros most older women want a commitment so this only applies to a cougar looking for sex with a younger guy and 4, not every older woman is looking to take care of a younger man but she would be willing to foot the bill most times. However, older women often have other responsibilities such as children or elderly parents to care for.

Partially for this reason, a man dating an older woman might find that his friends and family do not approve of his relationship. If you are looking at dating an older woman, carefully examine the pros and cons before you embark on a relationship. 3) She is passed her physical prime: She won't be as beautiful and youthful as she once was. I know older men and women that have not had enough relationships or been through anything bad to consider having baggage. 4) People will look at you strange when you are showing PDA with a woman who is twice our age. Not meaning to decipher your take I just feel that it is too biased and that under different circumstances some cons may be pros and vice verse and there has to be more to it then you have listed.
Get a Porsche and go out, pick up some 20 yo girl, she'll give you a head just for the car. 4) Sugar momma: She is financially secure, has a career and you won't have to worry about paying for everything; hell she might even buy you gifts!

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