The Offline Society gets its name by taking dating offline and bringing together curated groups of single women and men though private intimate gatherings that offer unique access to experiences in town. Laugh at the absurdity of the games people play—not only while dating, but life in general. If both individuals make mature and conscious decisions to put down the sparing gloves, remove the protective gear, and encourage each other to show up with ease rather than anxiety, then the process of dating and getting to know one another truly reveals each person. When life is viewed as one large chess board with all the pieces available to shift in ways that seem most beneficial for the player, it actually becomes way too much work.

With lots of manipulation, tricks, and lack of trust for others and one’s self, it’s the player who actually loses in the end.
If anything, such games, tests, and traps can cause more harm, frustration, and discomfort for both individuals involved and perhaps what could be “something” turns into absolutely “nothing”. In traditional courtship through modern dating, the chase is what actually creates mystery, excitement, flirtation, and a sense of working towards a well deserved prize. When approaching any type of interpersonal relationship—especially while dating, it’s remembering to treat others with respect on a human level.

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