Hollywood has been kind (and at times cruel) to us as it has brought countless ways to 'surprise' a woman.
Either draw it freehand or cut out a design and tape it, engraving on a dessert bowl is a reinvention of the classic ring-in-the-dessert proposal.
Another example: if he's a big fan of a certain band, plan a proposal around a show the band is doing in your area (or go wherever the band is performing, even if it's a distance away). If you're including other people in your proposal (children, family members, friends, animals) you'll need to make sure that they know what they're supposed to be doing and when and especially that they need to keep quiet about it so they don't spoil the surprise. For example: if he's interested in archaeology, volunteer for an archaeological dig with him and propose on the dig (you can enlist your fellow volunteers to help). This way it gives him a chance to think about the proposal without the weight of a bunch of people waiting for his decision.
The man gets down on one knee and gets out a box with an engagement ring, before asking her to spend the rest of her life by his side.
Personalize the moment with a little help from Buzzle's 9 creative ways to make a romantic proposal over dinner. But truth be told, they always know that a proposal is imminent; it's the 'when' that is left unanswered.

This is one of the best ways to pop the question at home.Plan the dinner menu around her favorite cuisine. If you're choosing the latter, seek the manager's permission prior to the actual event.Use chalk to write the message in the driveway or in the restaurant's parking lot.
When you're planning to propose to a guy you want to make sure that the proposal is about him and what he loves. Spontaneity is a great thing, but for something like a marriage proposal, you want to have enough of it planned that you can follow the plan even when you're nervous (because you will be nervous, but that's expected!). Again, when you're plotting how to ask him, think about his hobbies and interests and use those as a way to make the proposal special. Or you could even make a treasure hunt type proposal and have him dig up the proposal in the backyard. Even if you're planning an elaborate proposal (a sky diving extravaganza, or a scavenger hunt), try to keep the actual proposal itself simple and to the point.
As you can't control the outcome, proposing to someone can be very nerve-wracking and make you feel vulnerable. The proposal may simply have caught him by surprise and he really does need to think about what it will mean.

Lots of people like a good proposal that has to do with food (as long as he doesn't end up eating the proposal by accident!). So, even if you think that your partner suspects something big is coming her way, that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to blow her away with your proposal. If you wanted a big proposal in a fancy restaurant in front of everyone, that doesn't mean he would want that. Picking a place that has meaning to you both works two ways, one, it's already special to you both and two, it provides a great segue into your proposal! As you read these 9 romantic ways to propose to your girlfriend, hopefully we can help take away some of the anxiety. I want us to spend it together as more then just boyfriend and girlfriend" and then propose. Or if that proves too much, take a look at our favourite creative top 5 ways to propose below!

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