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Millions of American men have been transformed into body-conscious consumers of revealing fashions, seductive perfumes, and the services of hairstylists, personal trainers, and plastic surgeons. I found this brochure by Juviderm (Botox-like injections) especially targeting men… in the office of an ear doctor (of all places!). The Center for Eating Disorders at Sheppard Pratt provides a comprehensive continuum of specialized care for children, adolescents and adults with eating disorders. Due credit for this transformation must be given to advertisers, marketers, and self-esteem gurus, who have sold men – and all of us – a message of self-transfiguration through self-commodification.

Even when they joke, even when they mess about, even when they test my patience to the fullest, it’s as clear as day to see a deep insecurity there that is crying out for correct guidance so they can relax, no be so confused, express themselves and just be happy and help others be happy too.
With nothing held sacred when everything is for sale, boys rarely get an opportunity for self-understanding amid the noise of impulse stimulation. And I commend you for detailing the struggle of men where it could easily have been overlooked. More important is the phrase that immediately follows: “…there is scant research examining the nature and causes of the objectifying gaze for perceivers…” In short they affirm, with the same wishful thinking, nobody knows why men look at women.
Its sickening to see men with shaved chests and who spend more time grooming and shopping than females of my day ever did.

Males have sized up females, and vice versa, for as long as there have been mammals with eyes.
You will all soon have only memories of what real men are if you don’t put your boots back on, get those levis dirty and take charge again.

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