Kendrick Lamar combined honesty in content, unorthodox rhyme schemes and an uncanny ear for beats to become the biggest hip-hop rookie of 2012.
Hip-Hop heads have known for some time about the young spitter from Compton, California who once went by the name K.Dot.
This track is found on the Kendrick Lamar EP, which was the first time we saw K.Dot become Kendrick Lamar. Kendrick uses the metaphor of a condition called rigor mortis to refer to his competitors in the rap game. Kendrick took this track as an opportunity to let his audience know the kind of person he is.

Kendrick used this track to create a definition of the Hiiipower movement that touched on the lifestyle of self-reflection and finding enlightenment. Kendrick takes his listeners with him to where he is from and seeing the streets through his eyes.
It was the song that erupted on the radio and blogs, the first single to be released from his debut album, and amplified the anticipation. Please be sure to open and click your first newsletter so we can confirm your subscription. Rigamortus digs deep in the ammunition Kendrick had in his belt as he delves out his lyrics to impact the mainstream rappers he set his sights on.

Although he is rapping about his own experiences, they are still experiences that a lot of his audience has been through. Kendrick gives a description of the Recipe that attracts the world to California, and side by side with Dre this track is perfectly Cali in all its glory. K.Dot took himself to new levels of his career with this song while still keeping what makes him Kendrick Lamar.

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