What are the best movies  of Method man all time till 2015: Clifford Smith is known as Method Man. Below is the list of top 10 movies of Method Man through which he has established his position among leading Hollywood actors. Method Man is a well known face of Hollywood industry and has also established himself in all spheres through the help of his skills. How High (2001) – This film stars around Method Man and Redman who plays the character of Silas and Jamal respectively.
The Mortician (2012) – This film is the second best film of Method Man in terms of its plot as well as his character and role.

Sinners and Saints (2010) – Method Man was in the film in the role of Weddo, a well known gangster whose gang was at one end of the gang war that had plagued the city of New Orleans. Scary movie 3 (2003) – Though Method man is seen in a minor role in this film his role is immensely loved by the audience. Garden State (2004) – Method Man was seen in the film as a bellhop of a luxury hotel.
The two friends realize that their life has a dead end in front of them even after relocating to new sections of Manhattan. Being multi-talented this actor has managed to garner huge accolades from his audiences for his contribution in each of the profession with which he is attached.

The film with its excellent direction and acting has managed to be among the Top 10 Most Famous Method Man Movies.

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