Perihelion Interactive has announced the release of the first gameplay trailer for one of the most promising space-related games on Kickstater, The Mandate. According to its developers, The Mandate is a six-player, cooperative, sandbox sci-fi RPG that allows the players to control a huge ship, with hundreds of people on board.
The developers from Perihelion Interactive LLC have managed to raise a third of the money, but they still have 34 days to go.
This is a flag (also called a command-line argument or parameter) that we can pass to the date program to change how it outputs the date.
Even seasoned Linux users occasionally forget the flags you can specify to a program, and rely on man pages to look it up.

The -rw-r--r-- text gives the file permissions, there is 1 link, the owner is sjengle, the group is faculty, the size is 3769 blocks, and the last modified date and time is July 14 at 11:23am. While in space, it is similar to the one in Nexus: Jupite Incident, but The Mandate provides a full RPG experience. This signal is intercepted by a player who is commanding battle squadron Azimov which is loyal to the Empress of The Mandate.
If you are accessing these computers remotely, you will need to get accustom with using Linux via the command line.
If you ever forget how to run a program, you can look at the manual page (or man page) for that program using this command.

The man pages will always provide a list of flags you can pass to a program to change its behavior. If you want to learn emacs or vim, I suggest looking at one of the many resources available on the web. You can either scroll through the man page with the up and down arrows, or press the spacebar to advance by a page at a time.

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