Just Dance 2015 features more than 40 new tracks, formerly known as the Just Dance 6 song list. Here are all the Just Dance 2015 songs announced so far, organized by song in alphabetical order. More Just Dance 2015 songs will be added as we get closer to the October 23, 2014 release date.
Just Dance 2014 features more than 40 new tracks, formerly known as the Just Dance 5 songs list.
More Just Dance 2014 songs will be added as DLC songs become available after the October 1-8, 2013, release date.

Here’s the Just Dance Disney Party song list that shows the 29 songs that make up the soundtrack for this multi-platform collection on the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 Kinect.
Twenty-Five Brand-New Dances and Choreographies – Classic Disney songs for the whole family and dances from the hottest Disney Channel shows. Choose the next dance move, pick new songs, and even dish out silly challenges to up to 4 other players!
Players can use Autodance to transform their moves into music videos, bring their dances to life after each song, or simply goof off to create hilarious videos.
Now, when players select a song, they’ll immediately see any available alternate versions offered in DLC format.

Dance like a star to 25 songs from classic Disney movies and Disney Channel’s hottest shows. This allows a group of 2, 20, 200 up to 20,000 people in a stadium even to dance together and the game will pick the winner at the end of the song! With an amazing selection of family favorite songs, fun dances, and kid-friendly gameplay, children of all ages can dance along with family and friends!

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