That’s right boys and girls, your eyes aren’t deceiving you -- Miley is making out with a giant baby – or rather a little person dressed as giant baby. Naturally, you can’t just insult the national treasure that is Miley Cyrus’s tongue and expect to get away with it. Katy promptly responded, threatening to give Cyrus the “BIGGEST spanking” the next time she saw her.
It's hard to believe Kaley Cuoco was only recently rumoured to be dating Superman star Henry Cavill and yet here she is, only a matter of months later newly married to professional tennis player Ryan Sweeting.

Of course, cool brands from the states tend to be expensive so if you'd like to flash your back like Kaley but want to do it for less money then check out our high street edit below. Poor Miley—as if being consistently out-badassed by Justin Bieber wasn’t already embarrassing enough.
On the off chance you don’t have a Google alert set up for cheap publicity stunts, the aforementioned kiss occurred back in February, when Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus made out at Cyrus's concert.
This is one of those hip New York labels that has finally made its way over here with its chic, clean lines and funky prints and with a following including Khloe Kardashian, Megan Fox and Hilary Duff it's definitely one to keep an eye on.

A careful re-watching of the kiss (aka celebrity journalism at its finest), reveals that it was more of an uncomfortable truth or dare peck than a full on make out sesh.

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