Dumped: Sheep herder Scott Mitchell (left) claims he has been replaced on Farmer Wants A Wife by Married At First Sight star Lachlan McAleer (right)Indeed, after featuring in a promotional video spruiking his upcoming appearance, the 36-year-old is no longer listed among the six stars on the Farmer Wants A Wife website. She said in a broken Italian accent: 'You stick with your wife because your wife, it's first. The Mancunian lovebirds at their most recent ceremony in Pakistan, where they're currently basedLisa, 32, and Alex, 34, had been friends for eight years when they began dating in 2008.
The beautiful Villa de Leyva was the location for this traditional Colombian farmer style wedding.

Scott's photo doesn't appear alongside that of the six confirmed farmers on the Farmer Wants A wife website.
She hails from the Melbourne suburb of Sunshine and is a grandmother-of-five, who has become a big hit in Australia in recent months.
The couple wore typical huasa and huaso for the wedding in the small fishing village Horcon. Lisa chose a stunning cream Charlotte Balbier gown, which she has worn at 14 of her subsequent weddings (including one underwater!), and carried a bouquet of peonies, sweet Williams, lavender, mint and vintage English rosebuds for her dream ceremony.‘I felt like a very spoilt princess!’ Lisa says on her blog.

Zawji is Arabic for 'my husband' and 'Abu hafs al Australi' is the ISIS name adopted by Mohamed Elomar in Syria.

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