I am very simple person looking for a good MUSLIM man for marriage who treats there lady with respect and also I am looking for a good man who can take care of me as well as i will him. To the shock of Soomro and his parents, his arranged marriage to 25-year-old Ghulam Fatima Soomro in Pakistan was deemed a fake. As the Canadian government cracks down on marriage fraud, concern is being raised on both sides that officials are being too harsh, and in other cases too lenient, in deciding what is a genuine relationship. Benet’s group successfully lobbied Ottawa to strengthen the law on spousal sponsorships, but he says border service officials have done little to pursue the 85 formal complaints filed by his members.
Immigration officials say investigating marriages of convenience is now a priority, but Benet argues not enough is being done to catch the bad apples looking for a back door into Canada.
Soomro, a Canadian citizen who lives in Georgetown with his parents and sister, submitted wedding photos, receipts, their wedding certificate, a DVD, and the couple’s communication on Facebook. Soomro’s family, who moved here from Pakistan in 2001, said it is not unusual for Pakistani men to have older, educated wives.

In some cases, where a spouse is already in Canada, the investigation may also include a surprise visit to the couple’s home. In a scene reminiscent of the 1990 romantic comedy Green Card, about a marriage of convenience, the Canada Border Services Agency made an unannounced visit to the couple’s Markham home to investigate. The new law, enacted in October, now requires sponsored spouses to remain in a relationship for two years before they can obtain permanent status, and bans the sponsored spouse from sponsoring a new spouse for five years. There are generally two types of marriage fraud, one where sponsored spouses prey on emotionally vulnerable or gullible Canadians, and another involving collusion by both parties.
Of the 46,300 immigration applications for spouses processed in 2010, 16 per cent of cases were refused. Although difficult to pinpoint the extent of immigration marriage fraud, there is an assumption that only genuine couples would appeal a negative decision.
In 2012, 134 people were removed from Canada for misrepresentation, some of which include sponsored spouses involved in marriage fraud.

Soomro's spousal sponsorship application to bring his Pakistani wife to Canada was rejected last year because of their education and age gaps. My dream jobs although unrealistic are a cia secret agent, forensic anthropologist, and psychologist. I am a warm and a gentle soul, consider myself well - spoken, educated, moderately religious, grateful for God's favours and companionable. WE ARE VERY FAMILY ORIENTED, Family is very very important to me and was raised in a very loving, kind hearted, caring family and I am looking for the same.

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