The Libra sign is a social one, so the female and male scale meet easily while they’re out and about.
And they enjoy challenging each other, as both the Libra man and Libra woman value knowledge and integrity.
Libra men and Libra women will have to be careful with their finances though, as this sign is not often the most responsible with money. While the Libra man Libra woman match are usually in sync with each other, there may be problems if a quick decision is needed.
The only snag the Libra Libra pair may come across is their need to have harmony in their sexual union at all times.
Libra is a cardinal air sign, the Libra woman Libra man compatibility gets a FOUR Hearts rating.
Gemini woman enjoys her free life while Libra man tries to maintain balance in his personal as well as professional life. To predict Your Gemini Woman and Libra Man Relationship in a personalized and accurate way, Click here to get astrology compatibility report.Please note that sun sign compatibility is generalized.

Although it is not as passionate as other couples, it is never boring for the Libra male and female are both up for trying new things.
The Libra couple just have to focus on their strengths, such as communication and compromise, to keep their relationship going strong. Gemini woman and Libra man relationship is quite pleasant except for some glitches they suffer from due to their different personalities. The Libra man Libra woman conversations flow seamlessly, whether they’re getting to know each other or having a debate.
They are both fairly intuitive and know what their lover wants without a word being spoken.
But the Librans are not as adventurous as other zodiac signs, so coming home to relax is also a shared value for these two.
He can have Gemini woman as stress-buster as she can make him happy after coming from day to day work. Others may not be able to understand her unusual ideas but Libra man can easily work on them.

He has many things to look after and Gemini woman can give him positive vibes by cheering for him.
They can have problems in love relationship as Gemini woman sees Libra man as controlling person while He sees her as less emotional person. She may have better ways to deal for Libra man and he will also accept them but up to some limits.
Libra man tries to adjust with his economical condition but at the same time she comes up with some new problems.
Generally Gemini woman would be complaining while Libra man provides valid reason and ends their arguments.

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