Three men in Tennessee have notched up a staggering 78 children by 46 different women between them - and are doing their best to squirm out of paying for a single one.Terry Turnage has 23 children with 17 different women, while Richard M.
The meager sums come despite the court ordering Turnage to pay Shields $259 a month for their child - but she said she does not expect to see that sort of money.The most prolific dad is 33-year-old Desmond Hatchett, of Knoxville, who has 30 children by at least 11 different women.
It appears that those already physically blessed attract partners who are not just good looking but brainy too, according to research by the London School of Economics.The children of these couples will tend to inherit both qualities, building a genetic link over successive generations between them. Spending Prime years pursuing educational and Career goals: It might sound quite harsh, but one revelation made is that the best moment for most women to get suitable partners or husbands is when they are in their Prime.
Other past mistakes: Other mistakes made in the past by some women such as, waywardness, going out with married men, being impregnated by some reckless man who does not even accept responsibility, and single-motherhood, contribute to their difficulty in getting husbands.
It has been established that the single women who are now seriously hunting for partners or husbands are mainly those who fall within the second and third groups (Vital Years and Borderline respectively), as well as those with children (irrespective of age). It is quite obvious that very soon more and more unattached African women in the West particularly those in England will be making their way to their various home countries to look for partners and husbands. Former President Goodluck Jonathan celebrated his 58th birthday anniversary today November 20, 2015.
He asked for his child support payments to be reduced - even though his paycheck stretched to just $1.49 per child per month. He recently filed a petition in court to lower his child payments but never turned up for the hearing.

LSE researcher Satoshi Kanazawa told the Sunday Times: ''Physical attractiveness is significantly positively associated with general intelligence, both with and without controls for social class, body size and health. Many African men also prefer women who have legal status that they can benefit from; hence, they tend to get married to westerners rather than Black African immigrants.
Hence, the need for them to capitalize on their young age, looks, and fertility to get the kind of man that they want. A number of reasons have been given for the alarming rate at which unattached African women abroad are desperately looking for partners. But Colbert claims he doesn't have to pay for a single one - as they are all adults.And he added, he feels lucky. A respondent honestly narrated how she mistreated and sacrificed an apparently more serious and purposeful man for a handsome but less committed guy only to be thrown overboard less than a year into their relationship. For them, a woman’s life without a husband or serious partner is nothing but an unfulfilled life. Hunting for men is thus one way of making sure that their New Year resolution comes to pass.
Another man who shares his name said he regularly gets calls from women and children asking for money.
It has been observed that most African women, no matter how financially sound they are, seem to prefer men with good jobs and good salary to those doing menial jobs or struggling to get jobs, even though the latter might demonstrate more traces of genuine love than the former.

When she realized her mistakes and decided to go back for the one she dejected and whose numerous marriage proposals she had initially turned down, he was no longer available (he was someone else’s darling). To avoid carrying their singleness into the Danger Zone, or avoid being less fertile and having difficulty in bringing forth children, they try all possible but not always advisable means to get husbands or serious partners. What has been pointed out is that ladies who achieve higher academic successes are often erroneously viewed by many men as domineering, women who have less respect for their husbands and are thus hard to get along with. Colbert is inundated with calls from women and children demanding child support.'I'm constantly receiving phone calls from people who know this man.
To understand and unlock these and other puzzling questions, Emmanuel Sarpong Owusu-Ansah, a lecturer and an investigative journalist in London, conducted a survey on 244 African women, married and unmarried, aged between 21 and 40 in England, UK. Many highly educated African women have also been accused of ignoring interested men whose educational qualifications are below theirs; hence their singleness.

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