This month, for the man, is crucial in terms of testing his trust for you, not seeing you, and really showing what kind of guy he is. The number one problem that faces girls in long distance relationships isn't the distance, but the lack of communication and sexual desire from the man. Your suspicious and this equates to lack of trust, which is key to any long distance relationship. If followed properly, this long-distance relationship will make any local-relationship boring in comparison to the love you two share.

If he is not sexually content with the long distance relationship it would lead to a lack of passion. Also be abrupt to whatever you would like him to do, if you want him to do something sexual for you (From a distance that is) do not hint at it. If you are interested in a short-term relationship then this article is not for you, this article is designed to transform a long-distance relationship into a passionate relationship.
Men are terrible at taking sexual hints, especially if it isn't in person, and if you are in a relationship, you have the right to ask for things such as that as long as you return what he asks for.

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