If you’re just starting to learn to read Japanese, then these visual novels present an interesting opportunity.
A Japanese language visual novel could be a nice place for intermediate Japanese language learners to start. Description: A high school dating sim, where players help Shio live his life and perhaps find a girlfriend.
While these are all pretty weird, none of them are quite as bizarre as My Forged Wedding, a dating sim where players pretend to have a pretend wedding. My Forged Marriage is brought to you by Voltage Inc., the maker of such other dating sims as Kissed By The Baddest Bidder, 10 Days with my Devil, and Be My Princess.
The above link used to be a site for a fan made Final fantasy dating Sim game, and its a reallyl good looking one, a demo was released but the game was never finished and the above site is dead.

If you pick up one with two language options, you could take a chance at actually reading it in Japanese. The Memories Off series is well known and has many fans in Japan, and has even inspired an otome game called Memories Off Girl’s Side. All of them appear to be conceptually similar to My Forged Marriage, and they all seem to cater to the same adolescent girl fantasies of being swept off your feet by a wealthy, high-cheekboned, secretly soft-hearted bad boy. In others, like in the case of Ripples, they’re VNs created by developers outside Japan that tend to mimick the style and fashion of the imported games.
These fantasies are derivative and silly and sexist and totally eyeroll-worthy, but if this is how young Japanese girls are getting their ya-yas out before they start meeting boys and having sex IRL, then more power to them. Also ImageCircus, the company that brought Road to Emerald to iTunes, has more Japanese-language VNs available to buy.

The genre is much more popular in Japan than it is in other regions, but now companies are starting to test and see if people are interested in these kinds of games in other areas thanks to iTunes. But I could easily see how the game, with its meta “pretending to pretend to be married” conceit, would be addictive if you were a 14 year old Japanese girl who was tired of stealing her mom’s translated E.L. If you pay attention, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a Japanese or translated VN to test out.

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