Regarding your question about narcissists suffering NVS, I think they are also suffering from abuse. I’m very concerned that I exhibit a great deal of the covert narcissistic tendencies. Being the child of a Overt Narc father and a Covert Narc mother was tons of fun, since both were pillars of the community while making life an alcoholic hell at home for my brothers and I (I got to play scapegoat and be the pingpong ball of triangulation, as well!). I looked at Narc Victim Syndrome, and for a while i tried to lie to myself saying i had that, but i am fully a covert narcissist. Hi Daniel, You are very young to know so much about narcissism, but that is a good thing. The following is a followup article to the one I linked to in my post After Narcissistic Abuse, in which Michelle Mallon talked about how her psychopathic therapist almost destroyed her life and stole her soul. But learning these words and reading about Narcissistic abuse was really just the start of my journey.
I have Borderline and Avoidant Personality Disorders and have struggled with PTSD and severe depressions for many years due narcissistic abuse, which exacerbated my mental conditions. I write mostly about narcissism, because I was the child of a narcissistic mother, and then married to a psychopathic malignant narcissist man for 20 years and then spent seven more living with him.

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When I came home and showed my war train pictures to my husband, he told me what has been going on in the news for the past couple of months with all the crazy conspiracy theories and talk of World War 3. There is an ubreakable bond between covert narcissism and various paraphilias, especially one condition that used to be called paraphilia, but since 1973. Obviously, I have other mental illnesses which, I believe, have contributed to my narcissism. I would frequently find myself wanting to read as much as I could about Narcissistic abuse and then I would experience times where I didn’t want to look at anything at all about it. In fact, many adult survivors of Narcissistic abuse eventually come to learn (if they can find the path to healing) that they have been primed by previous Narcissistic abuse to tolerate later Narcissistic abuse. However the covert narcissism does not describe her at all – or any narcissist I know personally. With Narcissistic abuse, there were so many “layers” of understanding that were essential to my healing that this linear process of learning that had worked for me in the past was ineffective with this.
My combat veteran husband is on disability for severe PTSD and he is diabetic and he has had two heart attacks.

There were many times where I would read an article or a book about healing from Narcissistic abuse and feel as if I had taken all of the important insight that the piece had to offer.
I wouldn’t be surprised if children of narcissists that suffer narcissistic victim syndrome also have covert narcissist tendencies simply because they have been trained to have such a low opinion of themselves. The link between covert narcissism and that particular brand of paraphilia is: A man can love himself as he is. I just used to be more overt, its like i started to realise i was a narc a few years ago, and ever since ive become more unsure of myself, and now ive become covert. In fact, I can remember times where my brain would almost “compel” me to read more about Narcissistic abuse and times where it would want to do anything other than reading about Narcissistic abuse.

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