The fact is after one date you can not expect any man to suddenly start revolving around your world. And those high quality men will show their interest by paying very close attention to you in every sense of the word.
When you messaged so quickly after, he got the feeling that with you, it was relationship first before sex and that you were ready to jump right into that mode.
Unfortunately, if you waited for a while before contacting him, probably a week or so, he would have assumed something entirely different, although in the back of his mind, he was still getting relationship vibe from that first night.
Hi Peter, I have a situation where I went out on a first date with a guy and it went really well. Telling a guy you’re not interested after a first date is sometimes uncomfortable, but it is better to do it quickly than to lead him to believe he has a chance.

A person may join a dating website and find who they are looking for without bothering to take off their dating profile after the fact. He made her feel comfortable enough (after only a few messages and one date) to go back up to his place.
If a man is interested and honest about getting to know you, the next contact and the next date come quite naturally.
First dates can be seen as a test of whether or not there is any possibility two people may begin a relationship. If the date goes well and you both feel a chemistry, then future dates can help you both decide how far to take the relationship. And I already took the step to shoot a text saying that I had a good time on our date…next step, me writing him off.

Many times, however, a first date shows that, one or the other of the people involved is not comfortable with continuing. I really felt a connection on the date and he said he did too, but he never reached out to me and its been several days.
He told me how interested he was and how he really was having a great time, and he would be willing to come back pretty often to visit me… I am really upset at myself that I told him no to the second date, because I am worried that he might have taken it the wrong way.

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