No matter how long you’ve been with your significant other – whether it’s your first date or your millionth – treating yourselves to a romantic date is always a good idea. Jazz is one of the most romantic soundtracks to life, so treat your date to one of the city’s most respected music institutions, The Rex. Whisk your date away on a dinner cruise where you’ll dine by moonlight and rediscover the city from a wonderful new perspective.

The restaurant houses multiple fireplaces built into the walls scattered throughout so you and your date will never be without warmth – other than your own, of course.
Wine tastings cover all the essentials of a perfect romantic date from the drink and food (the bar hosts a delectable full menu) to the warm atmosphere and the wine tasting 101. From the playful to the passionate, here are the 14 most romantic date ideas in Toronto that are perfect all year round.

With its heated patio, cozy fireplace and spectacular panoramas of Toronto, it’s a dining experience that’s guaranteed to score a second date.

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