We all know that love is such a powerful feeling, to the point that it can be overwhelming.
Make it cute, make it sweet, make it even more romantic with these cute and sweet love quotes that you can utter to the special guy of your life when you’re with him.
Treat your guy once in a while and make him feel loved and adored by giving her a letter with these romantic love quotes came from your heart as an opening or closing line. I seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times, in life after life, in age after age forever. I Love You Messages for Boyfriend: Guys may not be the most emotional creatures but that shouldn’t stop you from sending sweet texts to your boyfriend every now and then.
4) My love for you is so real, that it makes me want to do unreal things like jumping on the clouds and climbing on the rainbow. 7) From random laughs to random kisses, our love has put me in a blissful state of randomness that I never want to come out of. 8) If you listen to my breaths closely, you will hear the words I Love You coming out with every single one.
9) I thought I knew everything about myself there was something that I didn’t and you did… the way into my heart.
12) Your love is sweeter than chocolate, more intoxicating than wine and feels warmer than a fireplace in winter.
14) Whenever we talk, no matter what you say the only words that I hear coming out of your mouth are I Love You. 15) If loving you was a job, I would be the most deserving, dedicated and qualified candidate. 16) I don’t know how you got inside my heart, but I do know that I never want you to leave.
19) I Love You are three words that have no meaning to me whatsoever until they are either said by me to you or you to me.
20) If you ever asked me to pick between you and my dreams, I wouldn’t know what to say because being with you is my only dream. 21) My heart has forgotten how to beat for me, because it is busy beating for you… I love you. 23) Even a doctor would be baffled at how my heart conveniently decides to beat faster or slower – depending on whether I’m thinking about you or not. 25) I have never felt the need to say that I will love you forever, because nothing except forever was even an option when I said I Love You.
27) I really don’t know why people are unable to explain the definition and meaning of love.
28) I knew that I started loving you when I stopped looking for the best in you and started wishing the best for you. 30) The time that we held hands for the first time was the best moment of my life… until the day I held your heart in mine.
31) A boyfriend like you is the only way to not feel blue, the only way to experience love so true and the only way to see life’s beautiful view. 32) My friends told me that falling in love would be the most beautiful feeling in the world.

34) Exciting, thrilling, exhilarating, astonishing, stimulating, elating, gripping, energizing, breathtaking, overwhelming, enchanting, riveting, enthralling, invigorating, overpowering and uplifting – this is only a tiny glimpse of how I felt when I fell in love with you. 38) I love you but I also hate you because now I can’t do anything without thinking about you every single second. 39) We may be two twenty something year olds, but our deep love feels like it is centuries old. 2) When a man has a fiancee as beautiful as you, he has no other wishes but to make all her dreams come true. 3) My lips want to kiss you, my arms want to hug you, my eyes want to gaze at you, my heart wants to love you and I want to wish a Happy Birthday to you.
5) Sunrises seem more peaceful, sunsets seem more tranquil, dreams seem more achievable, every day of life seems more worthwhile – just because you are my fiancee. 9) This birthday is a celebration of the fact that you were born to love me and to be loved by me – for the rest of your life.
12) On your birthday I just want to say one thing – I can’t wait for the day when our status as Newly Engaged changes to Newlyweds. 14) May your birthday be one of the many colorful brushstrokes in the vibrant canvas of our lives. 15) Your birthday is ONE reason for us to celebrate today… but our love will give us MILLIONS of reasons to celebrate every day of our lives together. 16) Nobody can every write a book on our lives because our eternal love story doesn’t have an end.
17) If lifelong commitment was a something that I could pack in a box, that is what my gift would be on your birthday. 21) Ever since the day you became my fiancee, you promised to be with me on my life’s journey.
24) Happy birthday to the woman who has gone from being my Sweetie to Fiancee to Wife-to-be. 26) This birthday marks the beginning of all the wonderful birthdays you are going to celebrate with me for the rest of your life. 28) Your birthday makes me feel thankful to your mother for giving birth to the woman of my dreams. 29) Ever since you have become my fiancee, I have been wearing something constantly – a smile. 30) Even if it wasn’t your birthday, this day would be special nevertheless because I have you as my fiancee to share it with. 32) My birthday gift for you has no value as compared to the gift of lifetime companionship that you will give me when we get married. 34) May you always shine like Jade, may your inner radiance never fade, may you never lose your sheen, may you stay as beautiful as you have always been.
35) To my fiancee… On your birthday today, I want to make a promise to your father that his little princess will be treated like a queen for the rest of her life. 36) Your smile motivates me to be an awesome lover and your love persuades me to carve out a great future – for us. 38) As my fiancee, this birthday of yours marks the beginning of all the wonderful birthdays you are going to celebrate with me for the rest of your life.

39) The biggest gift I’ve ever got in my life was the YES that I heard when I kneeled down on my knee and asked you to marry me.
40) I can wish you a HAPPY birthday a zillion times but still it won’t match up to how you have blessed me with a HAPPY life by becoming my fiancee. In the case of conveying your love and feelings to a special man of your life, love quotes for him serve great purpose for you.
Shakespeare, Aristotle and Dr Seuss are some of the famous people who shared their words of wisdom about love. No matter how cool you think you both are for mushy talk, you can never be too cool to tell him how your heart beats for him.
In fact, my love for you has created boundaries in your heart so that no one else can come in.
Now that I have fallen in love with you, our hearts have a dedicated Wi-Fi connection between them. After I fell in love with you, I realized that even the most beautiful feeling in the world would look ugly against your love. I would rather cry with you than laugh with anyone else because even crying with you makes me happy. I don’t know what I would have done without you, but I do know what I will do now – hold you close forever until eternity.
I feel lucky to have you as my wife-to-be, I feel blessed when I look forward to spend my life in your company. But I want you to remember that making you happy will be the top priority of all my priorities. But very few men like me are blessed with the opportunity to shower their love on a beautiful woman who has a beautiful mind and a beautiful soul. That’s why we get some help from the readily-made quotes and sayings mentioned by those who have already experienced and generously shared their thoughts about it. So if you’re one of those who can’t find the perfect word or sentence to say their emotions, I hope you find this collection of romantic and sweet love quotes for your boyfriend or man helpful. The trick in making the puppy love in your relationship last, is to find creative ways to say I Love You.
The period between your engagement and your wedding day is going to be the most romantic phase of your life. Romantic quotes in emails, posts on Facebook, funny tweets, handmade cards, flirty notes and selfies that shout I Miss You – the options are endless when you want to express your feelings to the guy who makes you go weak in the knees.
The priceless memories that you create right now will be the glue that holds you together as a couple in the future. It is in the history, the love of Romeo and Juliet, Heer and Ranjha, Layla and Majnun, Saleem and Anarkali, Pachtonas and Smith, Lancelot and Guinevere, Cleopatra and Mark Anthony.

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