The fact of the matter is women are extremely interested in what other women wear - including if they wear black heels clashing with a blue handbag, like Liz Truss, picturedLike Nick Clegg, like John Prescott, like most of the Twitterati, like feminists everywhere, like the commentators who rushed to their keyboards and to the airwaves to vent, vent, vent, I was appalled when I saw this newspaper’s coverage of the great she-reshuffle this week.In these very pages, the procession of nine women MPs making their way along Downing Street was likened to a catwalk, with their sartorial choices keenly scrutinised and assessed. What an utter disgrace against taste, against humanity, among all the hard-fought gains women have made over the centuries.
Yet the fact of the matter is that women are extremely interested, not to say fascinated, by what other women wear. Some men like to wear pretty things, women’s things, not because they are gay or want to be a woman but it is a sexual turn on for them. It is a turn on to be in women’s clothing, they love women so much that they want to feel what it is like to be dressed as one. There is a population of men that like to wear women’s panties, bra’s, and even clothing but they are very much attracted to women, so much so that they love to feel what it is like to be a woman or be closer to a woman. For many men that wear women's clothing or are turned on by it, the unfortunate part about it is some men find themselves confused about their sexuality.

As the teenager matures into a man he continues to think about it and many resort to stealing, buying or taking women’s panties, bras, etc.
Clothes Men Think Are SexyUnless it's super-short and crazy-tight, it's hard to know what kind of looks men love. Quite the opposite.Just look at Penny Mordaunt, an MP for whom I have enormous admiration, sailing into No 10 in a fabulous dress like a magnificent purple ship. I felt like cheering; her dress was so modern, perfect, appropriate — and just a little bit joyous, too.
Nine women have been suddenly promoted into Cameron’s top team, put there like chicken  fillets packed into a balcony bra, to make the Conservatives look sexier and more appealing to voters.That’s what is really sexist, if you ask me. The whole thing  is a nonsense, a piece of  political artifice, a squirt of  lavender water on a dungheap of desperation.Some of these women deserve to be there, but some of them are just political window dressing. I think he means they both like vodka.Friends say they have known him to work for only two weeks a year, which makes you wonder who paid for Cheryl’s ?300,000 engagement ring and wedding in Mustique.

The fem-fashionistas are always banging on about how important clothes are, and the significance of the fashion industry.
They trip over their zero- gravity heels to accept invitations for fashion receptions at Downing Street — then recoil in horror when attention is drawn to women’s clothes in a way of which they do not approve. It’s a new campaign in which women are encouraged not to accept what they call nipple censorship and let it all hang out.

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