Healthy unconditional love requires a bonding beyond the surface appearance and behaviour of someone.
Narcissistic love in the workplace is a lot easier to figure out than it is in our personal relationships.
Trying to understand narcissists from the perspective of unconditional love is endlessly confusing.
Being on the receiving end of narcissistic love can make us feel like we need to try harder.
When it comes to loving a narcissist, all we can really do is love a dream we have of them.
If you’ve ever tried to really help a narcissist, you know that the closer you get to the heart of the matter, the closer you get to things blowing up in your face. These different brands and the fact that they're not all the same are mentioned because in essence, before determining how to get the files onto, and similarly, off of the player, you should know what kind of player you have, and a few things about it. Hard-drive based mp3 players require special drivers that must be installed so that Windows knows how to work with them.
After installing the drivers, connect the mp3 player to your computer with the appropriate cable (it's almost always best to use the cable that came with the player, if one didn't come with it, use any brand you trust) and Windows should recognize the player and set it up for use. Pick the ones you want to import, and Windows Media Player will import them into your media library. Windows may recognize your mp3 player when you connect it via USB (or another method) but will give an error message saying that the device was not set up properly.
While doing so probably comes quite naturally to you, it’s important to realize that it is not natural to everyone. In the workplace, a person with narcissistic personality disorder will treat you like their best friend when they want something from you or when they somehow look better due to being associated with you.

Yet at the same time, it can make us feel that, no matter how hard we try, we can’t really get through to or connect to the other person (which is true). However, this sort of compatibility is directly contradictory to the Apple and Microsoft's respective software designs. If you have another brand of mp3 player, it's important to know whether or not it has internal flash memory, has a flash memory card in it, or is a hard-drive based player like the iPod. More often than not, Windows will recognize mp3 players as either removable disks, or possibly portable media devices. Sometimes re-installing the drivers for the device will solve the problem, other times, you may have to update the drivers.
The next moment (perhaps when you are working on a different project), they will completely ignore you. It’s not your fault that you cannot love or be loved by them, they were never available for real love in the first place.
There are popular ones, like the iPod (in all its incarnations) and, more recently, the Zune, and there is a much more diverse category of mp3 players and portable audio devices made by other manufacturers besides Apple and Microsoft. Unfortunately, iTunes limits you severely on how you're able to work with getting the music onto and off of your iPod.
If you do not have this, it is most likely required in order to transfer music between the computer and the mp3 player. Windows will usually also bring up a menu of tasks when you connect your player, which list things such as "Synchronize with Windows Media Player" and "Take No Action".
Windows should mount the device as a removable disk, and you will be able to browse the folders stored on your memory stick. For this reason, copying music from your mp3 player onto your hard drive is usually a task that is off-limits with most media-centric software.

In extreme cases, you may have to update the drivers for either your motherboard or your USB device inside your computer before certain devices will set up properly. We can’t have a truly loving relationship with a narcissist, no matter how hard we try, there is just nothing to deeply connect to.
Creative, RCA, Philips, Sony, and iRiver, just to name a few, produce some fairly good quality mp3 players and portable media devices.
The best way to ensure that DRM will not ruin your music-importing day is to have the licenses before you import.
One of the keys to sanity is understanding that, when it comes to love, narcissists come from a completely different place. You might come to a point where the relationship no longer works, yet, on some level, you continue to love the person, despite their behaviour. On the receiving end, this can feel like the frustrating experience of not being seen by the other, and not being able to get through to them or really communicate with them. When it comes to the wikiHow community, he loves how everyone is genuinely concerned for each other’s well being, and he appreciates the advice he himself has received from articles like How to Approach a Girl. Whenever you behave the way they want you to, they love you, and when you don’t, they love you not.

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