Note that hypothetical answers are fine for NBKs, as this quiz is designed to measure your kissing potential. Why, just yesterday, you were still putting your hands in their mouth to position them right. But when it comes to your actual kisses, you still haven't quite "saved lives" with them yet.
Concentrate on who you are kissing and not be thinking about who's watching you, what's on TV later, someone else you would rather be kissing or anything else. Kiss someone you have kissed previously spontaneously and not need to work up to it or get over any anxiety about it.
You know the effect that sweeping back someone's hair from their face and holding it back as you kiss has.
You've taken down someone's ponytail as you were kissing and run your fingers through their hair or had this done to you. You know just how hard to hold someone's bottom lip between your teeth for just the right amount of time as part of a kiss.
You know how to tilt heads to not clash glasses or better yet, how to slip off glasses seductively to let your partner know a kiss is imminent.
You cope excellently with height difference when kissing making that stretch up or that bend down all part of the whole kiss experience. Ask your boyfriend or girlfriend or the person you lasted kissed passionately if appropriate.

Practice kissing a poster of a person you have a crush on, or a picture of your boyfriend or girlfriend or whoever you are dating.
Research kissing if you think knowing more about kissing will make you feel you're a good kisser. Don't be constantly asking if you're good or not, if you are, you'll know by the fact you're always enjoy your kissing. If someone says something negative about your kissing don't get depressed, just tell your partner, if appropriate, to take the lead next time and eventually go with the flow.
If you aren't sure you've really got the hang of kissing or if you've been told your kissing technique is wrong, don't worry! It's fine to be nervous before that first kiss, but the second, third etc time should be much easier for a good kisser.
There are no set places to put your hands, feet, head or any other part of your body to be a good kisser.
Good kissers can handle needing to stop to sneeze, for a cramp, because you both have coffee breath, because it's suddenly pouring with rain etc.
It's ok to discreetly wipe your face on the back of your hand after a long, passionate kiss.
If your feel that your partner seems to not be satisfied by your kissing, or you're not sure it's going as well as it could be, just ask them! You can see what some people think is the proper way to kiss someone, or learn how to kiss more creatively.

If you have the urge to slobber all over your partner's face, be sure that your partner doesn't object to that style. If you feel natural and comfortable touching your partner and positioning your body when you kiss, your ARE a good kisser. Many people like a sweet chocolaty kiss, a hint of strawberry or cherry, a fresh mint taste, a sweet almond liqueur, if you taste something or not, it doesn't make you a good or a bad kisser, it's only if you let if bother you that it makes you a bad kisser. If so, you are very lucky and should a think about a long-term relationship, as they may be the only person you will find who will take your slobber, apart from a penguin. If you're unsure if you're a good kisser because of how you feel some of your make-out or passing sessions have gone, read on from step one. It can better to try out with your pillow instead of disappointing your partner but the problem with your kissing could be nerves, braces, glasses or bad breath which a pillow is not going to help with.. When it comes to the wikiHow community, he loves how everyone is genuinely concerned for each other’s well being, and he appreciates the advice he himself has received from articles like How to Approach a Girl.

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