According to a Sporting News poll of 103 NFL players on 27 teams, Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh has been voted the dirtiest player in the National Football League, receiving 31.6 percent of the total vote. Anyhoo, the other West series feature a Blackhawks team that edges Mike Smith and the Coyotes thanks to a kick in the rear by a returning Jonathan Toews and some Marian Hossa heroics.
In the East, the Devils are the better team, so long as Marty isn't soft (I mean, he's soft, but I'm talking about his play here) and the Panthers don't win on irony (trapping the trappers). I said before the season it would be Boston Bruins and San Jose Sharks, but six months later I don't feel as confident in those two teams making the two-month grind to the Final.
Even if Roberto Luongo struggles, Alain Vigneault can go right to Cory Schneider and the team won't miss a beat. A lot of people feel the Panthers are the team that shouldn't be here, but I'm simply not sold on the Senators either. If you ask me, the Blues are the only team in the playoffs that has the smothering defensive posture to knock off the Pittsburgh Penguins. It's hard to envy any team that advances particularly deep in the East, because they're gonna get beat up by some pretty mean teams along the way. 2 overall pick in the 2010 NFL draft, Suh is well-known for a physical style of play that has earned him a reputation for crossing the line of what's acceptable on the football field.
The Rangers could get a scare if the Senators' goaltending comes to play, but they're the better team and Lundqvist is a rock.
Erik Karlsson is excellent, and Jason Spezza has rounded into a fine, two-way center, but I don't think this team isn't nearly deep enough to hang with the Rangers.

The West is just as intriguing because of how weird the whole season was, particularly in the Pacific. The Panthers are the worst team in the post-season by a number of measures, including goal differential (-24).
The fact that the Rangers are the consensus choice makes me want to pick against them, but I just don't know if another team can get their act together for long enough to work its way through the conference (that and I'm secretly hoping to reverse-jinx the Senators in to the second round, just to watch everyone's heads explode in Toronto). They're solid at every position including behind the bench and what I think is lost on many is exactly how TOUGH Pittsburgh is. Suh has played within the rules this season, flagged for just one penalty -- an encroachment penalty in the second quarter of the Lions' 27-19 loss to the San Francisco 49ers in Week 2 -- while logging over 450 defensive and special teams snaps this season. First, because I'm a sucker for defense, physical play and David Backes, three attributes the Blues proudly boast. But I can't let go of the idea that they're being put over at the expense of the Red Wings, and Detroit's the last team that's going to allow itself to be treated like a stepping stone.
Everything else is a wash, except for special teams, where Nashville is excellent and Detroit is mediocre. They placed third in the conference by virtue of the SE division being terrible and by collecting a lot of point in the first half of the year when a number of guys in cluding Stephen Weiss and Kris Versteeg were shooting lights out. It's likely this series will be decided by special teams play - the Sharks remain one of the scariest teams in the NHL with the man advantage (21.1 percent) while St. We tend to focus on the skill set the Pens throw at you but sometimes we forget not just how battle-tough this team is but also but physically imposing the Pens can be.

Mike Smith is a great deal less flaky than the guy Phoenix had in goal last year, the team is more offensively potent, and Oliver Ekman-Larsson and Keith Yandle are due for coming-out parties. This team would rather play you talent-on-talent but if you want to throw some salt on the fries they can still hang. I wouldn't put it past a motivated Caps or Sens team to at least send their series deeper than people expect. There is no other team in the NHL that can allow you to dictate the way the game will be played then alter and beat you at it. But Detroit still gets my vote simply because they're Detroit in a sense that this team just always finds the way to win. Maybe it's one of the reasons the team couldn't get over the hurdle of a playoff series win.
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