While you don’t need to get into the habit of doing everything for him, just doing the right favor at the right time can really show him how much you care. Help him with a simple chore, like doing laundry or walking the dog, when he’s having a crazy week.
If you plan at least a few date nights per month on your calendar in advance, then this will show that you love him and want to make the effort.
Even if his mother is about as welcoming as an angry poodle, you have to do your best to try to at least be cordial with his family and avoid bad-mouthing them as much as you can so he sees that his love is more important to you than the fact that you have nothing in common with his sister. Try reaching out to his family more, whether you call them, invite them to lunch, or send flowers on birthdays and important occasions. The fact that you’re not resigned to doing the same old thing day after day will show your husband how much you love him. You can even invest in some massage oils or body lotion that can make things feel more sensual. Let him have a night out with his buddies, encourage him to go camping with his brother, and don’t get annoyed when he’d rather spend the evening reading or working out than having dinner with you. Letting your husband have his own life and spend time with his own friends is perfectly healthy.
If he’s been trying to get you to go to a Knicks game for years, get him tickets to one on his birthday. Though you don’t have to be one of those couples who does everything together, if you want to show him you love him, then you should make an effort to appreciate the things he loves, at least once in a while.
Your relationship can grow stronger if you introduce him to more of the things you love, too. Though telling him you love him in person is most effective, saying these words over the phone or over email can also make him feel more loved. If you have kids, make sure they hear you praising their father so they know how amazing he is. When you’re both home from work, or if you’ve spent a weekend day apart, check in when you see him to make sure that he had a good day and show interest in what he did. Though you don’t need to interrogate him or ask about every little thing, taking the time to see how his day went will show that you really love him. If you know that he had an important day, such as a big presentation at work or a tense reunion with a friend he hadn’t seen in a long time, make sure you follow up about him so he knows you care.
When you ask how his day went, don’t just ask in passing, but stop what you’re doing to make him see that it really matters to you.
Simply telling him how much you love him, that you had a great time in bed last night, or that you’re looking forward to your date night, can make him feel that he really matters to you. If you’re not big on texting, sending him a sweet message at an unexpected time can really make an impact. Though you shouldn’t only express how much you care about him through texting, it can be a nice supplement. If he wants to bring up something important, put away all of your distractions, take the time to really listen to what he’s saying, and respond to him when it’s your turn to talk, making sure that he sees your side of the situation as respectfully as possible. Making an effort to really talk to him instead of being passive aggressive or short with him will really show him how much you love him.
Be willing to see that being happy is often more important than being right and that it’s not important for you to get your way every single time.
Find a way to sometimes get what you want, sometimes give him what he wants, and to compromise on situations where there’s something possible for both of you. Strong communication is important because it will let you see what things really matter to your husband, and what he is willing to let go.
Let him see that hurting or upsetting him really did have an impact on you, and that you love him so much that you’re deeply sorry about whatever happened. Just remember that while saying you’re sorry is important, it can be even more important to stick to your word. If you don’t think the steam approach will work, write him a sweet post-it before you leave for the day and stick it on the bathroom mirror, so it’s one of the first things he sees when he gets up.
Make sure he’s not busy and in the mood to enjoy your delicious treats, and you’ll be showing him how much you love him. Heart shaped pancakes with some halved strawberries can be a cute way to show him how much he means to you.

If he’s more into bacon and eggs, you can make him a smiley face out of egg eyes and a bacon mouth, and have him laughing over how hard you tried.
If you want to be funny, make him Eggs Benedict with some hollandaise-sauce shaped hearts over them. Take the time to write him a long, sweet letter that explains just how much he means to you and try to time it so he gets it before your date night or another important occasion.
Though you don’t have to spend a lot of money or go very far, just taking a weekend trip to go hiking, check out wine country, or spend some time relaxing on the beach can help you show your husband how much you love him in a new context. Though you can’t always get away, this can be a great change of pace and can let him see how much he really means to you. If you’re stumped about where to go, try to think of something that would appeal more to him than to what your idea of a romantic getaway will be. Your husband may be reluctant, at first, but you can convince him that this can be an easy and fun way to have an adventure together. Though you don’t need to always dress to the nines to show your husband how much you love him, you can really kick your romance up a notch and show him how much you love him if you make an effort to dress up for each other when you go out on certain occasions. Recognise when your husband is trying to show you he loves you, some of them have a funny way of showing it sometimes, and respond. You don't have to, for example, gush enthusiastically about the new iron board cover he bought you on the spur of the moment, but if he remembered to get one in your favourite colour, show him some love by acknowledging that fact at least. If you can't imagine your husband ever doing anything in these steps for you it's ok to not feel obligated to make so much effort.
If your husband has extreme desire that you cannot match, like wanting to have sex several times each day, then seeking some professional guidance is probably good idea. Compromising is an important part of showing your love because this will make your husband see that you really do care whether or not he’s fulfilled and happy. If you want to let him know how much he means to you, then you have to know what to say to make him feel loved—while remembering that actions often speak louder than words. One way to show your husband that you love him is to do little favors that let him see how much you care for him. Though you may think you’re too busy for a traditional date night, this is an important way to show your husband you love him.
This can be a great way to show your love just because, or an amazing way to transition into some foreplay. If he’s just sitting at his desk, looking over some paperwork, or reading a magazine on the couch, give him a sneak massage attack. If you really want to show your husband that you love him, then you have to make him see that you’re determined to have a positive relationship with his family, even if you don’t always get along. But if you at least make an effort, then your husband will see that he really does mean a lot to you. Another way to show your husband you love him is to go on new adventures together to keep your relationship fresh. If you want to show your husband that you really love him, then continue going to your favorite restaurant once a month, watching your favorite show together, and even seeing your old favorite band, even if you both agree it’s not as good as it used to be, if you think you can still make a fun night of it.
Though making love isn’t the only way you can show how much you care, making an effort to have a passionate, exciting time in the bedroom can make your husband see that you really do care for him.
As long as you’re comfortable with it, this can be a great way to show him how much you care. As long as you’re comfortable with it, this can help show him how much you love him—just make sure you’re getting something in return. You may think that the only way you can show your husband how much you love him is by getting closer to him, but sometimes, the best way to show how much you care is to give him the space he needs and deserves. In fact, spending more time apart will make you appreciate each other more when you’re together.
If you have no reason to be jealous, then give your husband the respect he deserves by not calling him every two seconds when he’s out with his friends or giving him the stink eye any time he talks to another woman.
Though you don’t need to be obsessed with his favorite baseball team or band all the time, if you want to show him you love him, you should show an interest in the things he cares about and do them with him, if that would suit him. If he’s been wanting you to try brewing your own beer with him, spend a Sunday having fun in the kitchen with him instead of rolling your eyes. Though you shouldn’t force him to go to yoga with you, you may be able to find something that he would actually like, like the new Thai place you’ve been hitting up with your friends.

Sometimes, the best way you can make your husband see how much you love him is to encourage him through your words. Let him see that you think he’s an amazing man with endless potential; sometimes, your words can make him feel better about himself than anything else. Just making an effort to show that you want to know how your husband’s day went can show him how much you love him. Another way to show your husband that you love him is to send him a sweet text message to show how much you care. If you want your husband to see that you love him, then you should show him that you’re willing to talk to him about anything and that you’re happy to have an honest and open conversation with him.
Just hearing what he has to say without interrupting him or disagreeing with him can make a huge impact on your relationship.
Though the occasional white lie won’t hurt him, make sure you don’t keep secrets from him or make him feel like he’s shut out from your life. Another way to show your husband that you really love him is to be able to compromise about the things that matter to you both.
To show your husband that you love him, it’s important to swallow your pride and to say you’re sorry when you’ve made a mistake. He’ll see how much you love him because he’ll be impressed that you’re able to humble yourself and fess up.
While your husband is taking a hot shower, sneak into the bathroom and write “I love you” on the steamy mirror.
Getting a love letter from his wife will be much more romantic for your husband than dealing with the usual junk mail and bills.
Another way to show your husband that you love him is to try to have a change of scenery for the weekend. Sure, you may think hiking is romantic, but if he’s more into city life, then you should plan an urban adventure instead.
If you bring games, like ring toss or even a Frisbee, that can make it feel even more like a getaway. Though this may not be something you do all the time, bringing out your favorite dress and heels and having your husband wear a suit can make you feel more loving and romantic and will make him see how much you love him. You can make an effort to spoil him a little bit while making him see that you love him for the person he is and that your life wouldn’t be the same without him. If your husband had a long day at work, or even if he just looks a little down, take the time to massage his neck, back, shoulders, or, if you’re really feeling loving, his feet. Make him feel good about the new project he’s been working on, his new job interview, or about patching things up with his father. I think you’ll love working on this new project,” can make him feel more confident in his actions. Make an effort to tell your husband you love him at least once a day and to look him in the eyes when you say it so he knows you mean it. Tell him how handsome he looks in his new shirt, say that he always knows how to make you laugh, and tell him that he’s incredibly good with new people.
As long as it is sincere and makes him smile, you’ll be on your way to making him feel more loved. Whether it’s his birthday, Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, or just a random day when you want to show him how much he means to you, you should get up early and make him a fun, love-themed breakfast that shows him how much he means to you. Well, camping in your own backyard can be a fun and silly way to show your husband how much you love him—and a great way to get the kids involved, if you have any. Letting your erotic and sexual side show up is a way to give your husband an intimate experience that communicates great love to him. The first article he worked on was How to Make Baseball Cards, and his favorite has been How to Make Caffe Medici.

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