That validating gem comes courtesy of lead researcher Dylan Selterman at the University of Maryland, who conducted a study of 61 people's relationships between their dreams and their, well, relationships.
Or maybe your brain is purposely wobbling the chair of your relationship to make you consider whether it's time to move on.
The good news is that being in a healthy relationship appears to buffer people against the negative effects of dreams involving jealousy. This rings true to me: I've had far more upsetting dreams about the behavior of a partner in relationships that weren't going well.
And Selterman would know: The study was apparently inspired by the conflicts caused in his own college relationship, when a girlfriend got ticked off at him over his bad dream behavior. At the very least, take note, and don't be too nonchalant when your partner has a disturbing dream and wants to talk about it. If you have the sinking feeling that your relationship is on the rocks, then it's time to reflect on your relationship and try to save it -- if it's worth it.
Decide how you'll begin to tackle whatever it is that's at the heart of the problem in the relationship. Don't write your feelings in a note or an email -- this is also passive-aggressive and avoids real communication. Part of making time for romance means putting the passion back into lovemaking -- make an effort to make love more often, to try new things, and to make love because you really want to, not because you have to check it off your to-do list.
Maybe you just loved to go to your favorite bar once a week to split a pitcher of beer and play pool.
If you're really feeling nostalgic, take a trip to the place where you first met, or visit some of your old haunts. Make sure that you, yourself is being completely reasonable and not hypocritically accusing your significant other of something you do yourself, while continually understanding that honesty is the best policy , telling the honest truth about past actions and current thoughts in a non-violent or argumentative way can help fix exactly what you both feel needs to be addressed. He had them keep dream journals for a few weeks, and log their activities, and measure the quality of their relationships.
Similarly, arguing in dreams was associated with next-day relationship conflict, while dreamer infidelity was linked with reduced feelings of love or intimacy afterward.
For instance, previous research has shown that placing someone on a wobbly chair triggers a desire for stable relationship partners. As for sex dreams, though, they seem more connected to the sexual activity of the relationship, or the rhythms of your own sex drive. For adults, that can be as simple as finding out that our relationships are not as stable as we hoped. If you want to know how to save your relationship, you have to re-examine your relationship and start to fix all of your problems to the best of your abilities. Take some time to go for a walk or write in your journal to think about what went wrong in the relationship.

There could be one major reason: maybe you or your loved one was unfaithful, and that changed the dynamic of the relationship. A lot of little things can start to add up -- for example, maybe he's spending too much time with his friends, or you never make time for each other, and you're both stressing at work. There's a chance that you've been together for so long that you've become different people over the course of the relationship.
Once you've had some time to reflect on your relationship, it's time to sit down with your significant other to discuss the course of your relationship.
Many relationships end for a good reason, and it's time for you to decide if you even want to fix the relationship before you move forward. Maybe you're unhappy because one of you is recovering from a death in the family, a job loss, or the unhappiness of living in a new and unwelcoming place. It's important that this is a two person process, and that both you and your significant other are committed to making the relationship last.
Many relationships fail because couples simply stop sharing their thoughts and the details of their daily lives with each other. Slowly let your loved one back in by talking about what you've been up to that day, how your work week went, or what's going on with your friends.
A lot of relationships fail because both people feel that it's better to be right than to be happy. If you want to make things work, don't ever make a big decision without taking your loved one into account.
Sit down and discuss your point of views, even making lists of your reasons for wanting to make a certain decision. Many relationships fall apart because couples spend most of their time together arguing about everything from which brand of toothpaste to use to how they can make time for each other.
You need to make your old relationship feel fresh, and one way to do it is to find something completely new that you and your significant other can do together so that you feel like you're slowly crawling out of your relationship rut. Take a dance, painting, or even a karate class, and have fun improving your skills together every week.
Plug "date night" into your schedules, and make sure that you both look nice, smell nice, and feel great before you set out together.
Though a vacation isn't a good long-term solution for any relationship, it can be a great way to get a new perspective on your love, to find your passion in a new environment, and just to get out of your own heads. Though tastes may change, you should make time to do something you used to love doing together, no matter how silly it may be. That is, don't approach your partner and say "We have problems, let's discuss and sort it out." Just make an effort first without saying so. The folks in the study were 17 to 42 in age, and were all in committed relationships that had gone on at least six months.

Also worth loving is this: If bad dreams are just worries that may or may not have a basis in reality, the better the relationship, the better the ability to withstand these terrible dream interlopers and not let them disrupt things all that much. By contrast, sex dreams had by people with poorer relationship health see the opposite effect. These current interpretations of sex dreams complicate the notion that they could be impacting our relationships, negatively or positively. The trick here is determining whether the source of the worry the dream depicts is real, or all in your head. Before you begin to talk about it with your significant other, you need to take the time to really think about the span of your relationship, how things have changed, and what has put the relationship in jeopardy. Maybe your boyfriend has been so depressed since he lost his job that he can't give you the affection you need. See if this will always be a major pitfall of your relationship or if you can work through it. Once you've both decided that you want to save the relationship, then you need to start making a plan for moving forward. One day, you may decide not to tell your girlfriend about something that went wrong at the office, and the next, you may feel like you have nothing to talk about anymore. But if you want to save your relationship, you have to work on reaching a common ground with your significant other and to discuss big decisions in a way that takes both people into account.
If you don't share what's wrong, then you'll only make things worse by fuming, staying silent, and taking your anger out on your significant other without him knowing why. You should try something new every week on your date nights, and make time to cuddle and let each other know how much you mean to each other.
Go on the trip that you've been wanting to take forever, or just take a quick weekend-long getaway to clear your heads.
Visualize the people you want to be, both individually and together, and work toward building a new relationship that draws on all of the old things that did work while addressing the things that failed. Her favorite article she’s worked on is How to Keep Cats Out of the House, and her favorite article on wikiHow is How to Care for a New Cat.
In any event, you should find the right place and time to open up a discussion about your relationship. Whatever you've been doing is clearly not working, so it's time to find a new way to make your relationship thrive. No matter how busy you are, you should always make time to put that spark back into your dwindling flame.

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