What to do with your EYES - keep eye contact until right before your lips touch--it helps build excitement. What to do with your LIPS - On the lean-in, turn your head 10 degrees, open your mouth slightly, and aim for his lower lip. Practice your body language - Hold a pillow--it will help you learn how to work your hands. Don't kiss a guy yet when you have a bad breath, buy a refresh-chewing gum or maybe buy the following brand (this works the best!) it's called "NATURAL CITRUS LISTERINE" this is an antiseptic which kills germs that cause bad breath, Plaque & the gum infection Gingivitis. So, Siobhan, while you might feel isolated and alone while you tentatively probe the black hole of your date’s mouth in search of a tongue, know that there are others, many others, who have been in the same position. Unfortunately for you, Siobhan, if you like this guy, and want to continue dating him, you’re going to have to just bite the bullet and bring it up to him.
If you're alone in a bedroom or a basement, you can dim the lights a bit without being too obvious about it. Tongue: Try French kissing, or gently touching your partner's tongue with your tongue, to heighten the intensity. Pull away and smile, run your fingers through the other person's hair (this works great for guys and girls), and keep your hands on the person's body.

It's a sweet move that stops him from getting grope-y and keeps him focused on what he's doing with his lips!
He probably does not have black tongue, which is completely harmless, not-contagious, and totally reversible. If you've just wrapped up making out with a girl you adore, lock eyes and slowly bring the back of her hand up to your lips for a light kiss just before she leaves.
For example, explore your partner's body a bit more, and find out what they are comfortable with when making out! Do not pressure your partner (or put up with a partner who pressures you) just because the two of you have swapped spit. It's not something that everyone knows how to do the first time, and if the other person is a little shy or embarrassed, reassure them that there's no hurry or pressure. But as the kisses start to build in pressure, gently run your tongue across his bottom lip--it's a flirty way to ease into it. But ultimately, less awkward than making out with a guy who mysteriously refuses to use his tongue.
Sit close if you're on a couch or in a car, or hold hands and stand with your body completely against theirs.

Hold hands, offer a shoulder or foot rub, play with the other person's hair, or lightly trace your fingers over the face or throat.
Make small darting movements, or sweep it around your partner's tongue in smooth, circular motions. You can do this with your hand positioning, kissing different body parts and both your body positionings. If you want to know how to make out like you've done it a million times before, just follow these steps. This doesn't mean you should stop and talk about how hard the math homework was, or switch the subject to something else decidedly un-sexy.

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