And over time, these girls compromise on their own wants and wait for their boyfriend to show the smallest romantic gesture to feel better about the relationship.
Every guy has the potential to be the perfect boyfriend, just as soon as he learns to follow the rules. And it all starts with these 10 tips on how to make your boyfriend want you more and 6 more tips on things you should avoid doing to be wanted by your boyfriend.
If you want to have a happy relationship and a boyfriend who appreciates you, don’t compromise on your wants and desires in the relationship just to make your boyfriend feel happy.
If you want to know how to make your boyfriend want you more, s.xually or otherwise, just follow these 16 tips. Use these 16 do’s and don’ts and learn how to make your boyfriend want you and desire you more than ever!

He’ll start to accept you for who you are, instead of realizing how understanding, accommodating and genuinely nice you actually are. If he changes plans in the last minute and leaves you in the middle of a date to hang out with his friends, or cancels a date for silly reasons, don’t accept such behavior.
Go out with your own friends and feel good about yourself, be it in having a good conversation or attracting the attention of another cute guy.
If you’re always with him or he finds you available all the time, he’ll only take you for granted. If he walks away, call another cute guy and hang out with him just to get back at your boyfriend. If your boyfriend’s taking you for granted, and you find yourself being the one who has to make up all the time, ignore him for a while or give him a cold shoulder.

You’re not throwing a tantrum by doing this, you’re letting him know that you have self respect. Let him know that you have a life too, and he needs to take you more seriously if he wants you by his side.

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