You can also put on some lip balm a few hours before to soften up your lips, but don’t use it right before you make a move or your lips won’t feel too pleasant.
If she’s always trying to pull away when you’re alone together, and moves further and further away from you, then she may not be ready to take it to the next level with you. If you know how to get ready to make a move and respect your girlfriend’s boundaries, you’ll be on your way to an unforgettable kiss.
It may be hard to get complete privacy in middle school, but you have to do the best you can to make sure that you and your girlfriend can step away from your friends to get some time together. You don’t have to make dramatic gestures and eat ten breath mints, but you should brush your teeth if you know you’re going to see your girlfriend soon. This is probably your first kiss, and it may be her first kiss, too, so you really want her to feel ready to make this move with you. For your first kiss, keep the tongue out of it, or your girlfriend may be unpleasantly surprised. You can touch her in safe, PG areas to show her that you care, but you don’t want to creep her out by suddenly touching her in a place where she’s definitely not ready to be touched. Though some element of surprise is nice, you don’t want your girlfriend to not know what’s going on when you make your big move.

She enjoys starting articles about real problems she has in life, as well as ones about quirky topics like How to Use Life Hacks.
If you want to know how to kiss your girlfriend in middle school like a pro, just see Step 1 to be on your way. You could step outside during the school dance, find some solo time during a party, or even go out on a date together. Give her a compliment, like, “You look so pretty tonight,” or say something nice like, “I’ve had so much fun with you today.” You don’t have to try too hard to show her that you really do care about her. If you’re sitting, you can sit closer to her, put your hand on her knee, or play with her hair. She says, “I love to write, and helping people in the process is killing two birds with one stone.” To new editors she says, “Just try things out! Just do the best you can to make sure that there’s no chance that your friends can barge in and start making fun of you and ruin the mood.
Don’t make a big deal about it or she’ll know that you’re self-conscious about kissing her. See if she’s moving closer to you, looks happy to see you, looks at your lips, and self-consciously touches her face or plays with her hair.

If you’re standing, you can also touch her hair or her face, brush a hand along her waist, or just give her some kind of physical closeness to show that you’re ready to make a move. This should happen slowly and naturally, and you can make eye contact while you get closer.
If she’s not touching you except with her lips, only a bit of a light touch on your end will be enough.
But you should do the best you can to make your girl feel comfortable, and to say something like, “That was nice,” to let her know it was a special moment for you.
It can be hard for guys to express their feelings, but just do the best you can to make the girl feel special and to let her know you had a great time.

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