How To Get A Long Distance Relationship Ex Boyfriend Back- Ex Boyfriend Recovery You are using an outdated browser. I guess this was his response to all the emotions going through him because of the move he is going to make, but he always said that nothing was wrong. He started saying that he loved me but something went missing for him and that it was too much of a thing to be fixed because we don’t see each other enough. And since he have longed fr others nd nobody was thr, he have started to make him love his loneliness nd ofcourse he does it. I know my situation is difficult but I’d be willing to put in all the extra effort to make it work (I have this far after all).
He also said that the long distance had shown him that he wasn’t up to it, because it was too much pain. I was devastated, but he’s a good guy and I love him, I kn How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Miss You After A Breakup - And Make Him Want You Back You are using an outdated browser.

Now he have returned back to saudi, his fears r ruling him now, nd his heart really decided to go away from me so that he dont want to miss me bcz of something that always kept him alone. He posted things on Facebook like he was enjoying his life from the time I gave him his space, then I tried to text him telling him how I felt and that i’m glad to see him happy, but he just gave me a short reply. We would talk about our future together all the time, we were even planning on moving to a city together (we were long distance) after graduation and starting a life together. I started posting things on my Facebook like photos of my new haircut(he used to tell me he love my hair long, but I like it short and I told him I kept it long for him). We usually argue about little stuff but we are both stubborn and things escalate quicklyand I usually end up bringing back old mistakes he made (I know how bad this is.) We were supposed to go to Hawaii in a week but this will not happen obviously.
It’ll make him reconsider things, getting my hopes up, but then he sticks to decision of needing to break up.
I cut my hair short and got the style I always wanted like I don’t care if he loves my hair long anymore, started hanging out with friends, got a new hobby, and now working on my life and all.

However for the next 3 days after we broke up I insisted in having contact with him and he would not answer. Being broken up and away from each other, has made me realize how much I was doing wrong in our relationship. Then you can just make up an excuse like his message got lost in all your other birthday messages!

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