If you want to scare a guy away quickly, go ahead and talk about tying the knot, how many babies you want to have, and all your life plans with your future significant other. I can tell you why most men don’t want to commit or have a fear of committing is because they feel like the party will be over, and they will become their parents with a boring, unfulfilling life.
This one is pretty self explanatory, but every guy thinks that one of the sexiest things that a girl can do, is laugh at his jokes and understand his sense of humor. Then again, at some point and at this time, maybe I am the man and would need a guy to do this to me and make me commit.
He’ll tell you what makes a guy want to commit to you, and what you can do to get him there without any convincing or game playing.
Lets just say my friends call me both the man-slayer and juliet, because I have mastered the art of making the non-committer, commit. Don’t settle for less than you deserve, there are too many men out there just to settle for one who doesn’t compare. Waiting for the guy to make the first move is overrated, men like it when you make the first move because most of them don’t have the balls to do it anyway.
I repeat DO NOT talk about the future unless he asks, males get freaked out by thinking that you might be the one vagina their penis will ever encounter, for the rest of their lives.
Getting along with a guys friends is a one way street to his heart because no one wants to be with a girl who doesn’t get along with his friends. Let them have time to hang out with their guy friends away from you, don’t whine about every little thing either and make sure you pick your battles. Chances are, if you want to be with him you probably get his sense of humor anyway because that’s usually part of their charming ways that they lure you in. I’m one of the classiest girls that you’d ever meet, but in the bedroom, no class is necessary.
When he doesn’t have an erection… hand him a beer and a sandwich and he will be yours forever. If you want more of Rori's wisdom check out her blog and newsletter, Have The Relationship You Want, where she goes into much more detail. Two guy friends of mine once told me that the word ‘want’ is one of the sexiest thing to a man can hear. Furthermore, the current man of my dreams told me that he makes the girls come to him, thus, if I didn’t make the move- I would not be as happy as I am now. I once was the only girl with 7 of his friends watching the season finale of Games Of Thrones with all of them… not my ideal Sunday night but I felt like one of the guys, and they felt that way too.

If you are a whiny bitch, I can tell you why you’re not with anyone and that’s because you are annoying and no one wants to deal with you and your divaness.
Let me tell you something about males, they LOVE to have sex and will try to have sex with you but in their brain they are saying, “Don’t do it, you’re going to ruin it!” Of course they don’t tell you this, but it’s so true! I’m a strong believer in porn, it will teach you a thing or two and help you to come out of your shell.
Arm yourself with the best tips and tricks in order to make your man commit to your relationship, in the long run. But then we realized this: Rori wants us to get a man to commit by being our most authentic selves, which, in turn, allows men to be their most authentic selves.
I kindly said, “Since everything is still up in the air, why don’t we plan to do something tomorrow together instead.” What this said to him was, you know what buddy, I’m not going to sit here and wait for you all night.
Don’t be afraid to ask to hang out first, but don’t be persistent after that… if a guy wants to see you, he will find a way to see you. Every guy likes his girl to be able to run the beer pong table and rub it into his friend… be that girl.
The guy wants to see that you will get along with his family because if he decides to keep you around, it will be a tough life if you and his mom are throwing bitch fights at each other.
Your best bet is to only do it when you feel like there is an emotional connection or make a SMALL list of stipulations.
Keep reading to get all the secrets on how to interest your man and make him want just you.
Cosmo’s traitor to the male species, Greg Gutfeld, reveals how to make him beg for a status report. Follow our steps and learn how to make him commit with this proven guide from dating experts. Not being exclusive gives you room to breath, relax and really figure out if this is the relationship for you, which allows him to fall for you without worrying that you're overly invested in him. Additionally, when he texts you, don’t text him back right away even though I know you are checking your phone every 30 seconds to see if he called or texted- act like you are a busy woman and aren’t drooling over him like a sad puppy dog who sees a bag of Beggin’ Strips ®. If you are nagging him about things, he’s going to run away from you so fast you won’t even know how it happened or where you went wrong.
I asked what he was looking for and then I added about what I want, “Let me tell you what I want in my next relationship, I want someone who can be my best friend, who can make me laugh, who I can travel with, create great drunken memories with, and have crazy wild sex with.” Later after he asked me to be his girlfriend he told me this is one of the best things I said because it let him know I knew what I wanted from him and that they were things he thought he could provide for me.
Let them have their life with their friends, their life with you, and also mix the two… the world doesn’t revolve around you and what you want.

Do not make it seem like you’re trying to be high maintenance and if he tries something just say, “You turn me on so bad, but I’m not ready for that yet.” DO NOT shut him down, make him feel unwanted, or not sexy. We end up in a relationship with a guy that has tons of potential, someday, when he’s ready to make some changes, ready to give up his.
I’ve heard in conversation with my various guy friends that every guy wants a girl who will just be naughty for him. All the same, there are many things you can do to get your man to commit to you, as long as those things are founded in love, respect, and honesty. But then we realized this: rori wants us to get a man to commit by being have the relationship you want, where she goes into much more. If you’ve found a great guy and desire to take your relationship to the next level, there are ways to get him to commit! Believe me when I tell you that he will love it and it will keep you out of the friend zone. May be well aware of your present wish for him to commit, you may have had relationships that have failed. You’re in the middle of a fantastic relationship, and you want to take things to the next level. Whether you want to make a man your official boyfriend, your fianc, or to move in with him, there a few things. His book entitled the relationships men commit to and why is a guide to getting to know the other half of the human species. You imply that you should get rid of the guys that don’t call regularly and make it obvious that they want to date and pursue a relationship and yet in the book you. On a larger scale, the thing that most faithful men complain about is that they can’t get sex when they want it in a committed relationship. My boyfriend of 4 months doesn’t want a committed relationship, as we have only met once and are in a long-distance relationship.

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